Your hassle-free one-month meal planner: week three

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Stir-fried sweet chilli pork with baby sweetcorn and red pepper

Econony Gastronomy chef Paul Merrett says: Keep a container in the freezer and place scraps of cheese in it - any kind of cheese. Use all of the scraps to make a rich and flavoursome cheese sauce.

In week three, use your spare time on Sunday to slow-cook enough beef for a lunchtime stew, as well as for Monday and Tuesday dinners.

First, read through and print your week three shopping list.

Here are your recipes for the week...

John Torode's beef stew and dumplings
Dinner: Jo Pratt's broccoli and Parmesan gratin
Dessert: Paul Merrett's treacle tart
Monday dinner: Chinese beef with mushrooms
Tuesday dinner Beef tagine
Wednesday dinner: Fish and sweetcorn pie
Thursday dinner: Paul Merrett's pumpkin risotto
Friday dinner: Toad in the hole
Ainsley Harriott's brie quesadillas
Dinner: Sweet chilli pork stir-fry (pictured)

More tips from celebrity chef Paul Merrett:


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