A fishmonger's video guide to fresh fish

Borough Market fishmonger Darren Brown gives his top tips on spotting and storing fresh fish in this special video
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Top tip - If you can smell fish in a fishmonger's it's a sign the fish is not fresh. Fish starts to smell the longer it is left out.

A fresh fish has:

  • Sparkling skin with a bright dewey glaze
  • Clear eyes
  • Blood behind the gills
  • Rigor/stiffness. If a fish is stiff it means it has been dead less than 24 hours, after 36 hours rigor begins to drop out.

How to store a fish

  • Best way to store fish is on ice - ask your fishmonger for ice.
  • If not, keep in cool fridge, fish prefer to be at 2 degrees below.
  • Most fish can be frozen but you have to freeze the fish when it's fresh.

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