Stacking a three-tiered wedding cake

Save money and make a lovely gesture by following our step-by-step guide to making a beautiful three-tiered wedding cake, covered in sugar blossom flowers
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1. To make a template for the sides, wrap a piece of narrow baking parchment around the largest cake and cut it so it fits perfectly around the cake. Mark it into a 2cm (¾in) grid. Use a couple of pins to hold it in place around the cake, taking care only to stick the pins into the icing and not right through to the cake. Use the scriber tool or pin to mark dots around the cake, at each point where the lines cross. Remove the template and use it to mark the middle and top tiers.

2. Stack the cake with dowelling in the bottom and middle tiers - 4 pieces in each one - to support the weight of the tiers above. Cut a square of baking parchment as a guide for positioning the dowels, spreading them out as far as possible while ensuring they will be covered by the cake above. Insert dowel into the cake at a corner of the baking parchment, until it touches the cake drum. Mark the height of the dowel at the level of the sugarpaste and then remove it from the cake. Cut that dowel and 3 others to the same length and then insert each of them at the corners of the square template and remove the template.

3. Spread some royal icing between the dowellings and then slide the next-sized tier off the spare board on top, leaving it on the thin cake card. Repeat the stacking, placing the smallest cake on top.

4. Cut the end off the piping bag, fit with the piping tube and fill it with royal icing. Pipe a 'snail's-trail'.

5. Pipe dots over alternate, marked holes and then leave them to dry.

6. Mix some of the lustre colour with the rose water and paint over the dots and the snail's-trail.

7. Use royal icing piped on to the back of the flowers to stick a flower over each alternate hole. Fill the posy pic with some of the pink sugarpaste and press it centrally into the top tier. Press the wired flowers into the posy pick on the top tier, so the wires go into the pic and not the cake. Use double-sided sticky tape or a glue stick to attach ribbon around the base cake drum.

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