How to ice cupcakes videos

Learn how to decorate your cupcakes with our easy step-by-step cupcake icing videos. Whether you want a simple swirl, an ice cream-style finish or even a fancy iced rose, follow our simple videos to make your cakes look professional
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Piping a plain swirl with a plain piping tip

  • Twist the icing bag and grip between your thumb and index finger. Place the other hand at the bottom of the bag and use this to guide the tip.
  • Applying pressure with your hand at the top of the bag, start at the outside edge piping round the edge of the paper in a spiral towards the centre, pushing the tip into the icing as you pipe. When you reach the top, pull up quickly to finish the swirl.
  • Decorate with sprinkles or sugar flowers.

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Dan Tamba

chef,what we dont have a self rising flour?thank you for sharing nice...

Joshua Keith Coburn

What is the recipe to this frosting, I cannot seem to find the perfect professional frosting texture much like this one. Thank you!

Anna Frendo

i cant see the videos

Holly Recipes Assistant

I'm still so surprised how easy it is to get perfect icing on cupcakes - might have to give it a go! Think I'll work my way up to the roses!

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