Easy rainbow cupcakes

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  • Makes: 16

  • Costs: Cheap as chips

  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Child friendly
  • Make in advance

This easy rainbow cupcakes recipe is so simple to make and takes only 25 mins to make and bake. Get a little creative with your cupcake making skills by whipping up these amazing rainbow cupcakes. Follow this simple recipe to see how it's done - they're not as hard as they look! This recipe makes 16 rainbow cupcakes in total and is perfect for making with kids or for kids parties as this recipe uses ready made cake mixture saving you plenty of time. Select your favourite rainbow colours including red, green and yellow. You could also try other colours too like pastel colours including lemon, lime or baby pink. These cupcakes would also make a great food gift for loved ones. Pop into a cupcake box or cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon.

Make your cupcakes from scratch with our basic cupcake recipe


  • White cake mix (we used an 18-ounce box)
  • Food coloring (red, blue, green, and yellow)
  • Cupcake cases
  • Whipped cream (optional)
Food colouring amounts:
  • Purple = 9 red and 6 blue drops
  • Blue = 12 drops blue
  • Green = 12 drops green
  • Yellow = 12 drops yellow
  • Orange = 12 yellow and 4 red drops
  • Red = 18 drops red


  1. To make this cupcake recipe, prepare your favorite white cake mix, then divide the batter evenly among six small bowls. Dye each bowl of batter a rainbow color (with specific amounts of food colouring drops).
  2. Line 16 a muffin tray with cupcake cases.. Evenly distribute the purple batter among the cups, then the blue, and so on, following the order shown. As you go, gently spread each layer of batter with the back of a spoon to cover the color underneath.
  3. Bake the cupcakes according to your recipe directions. Before serving, remove the paper wrapping, and if you like, top each cupcake with a whipped-cream cloud.

Or to make your own rainbow cupcakes from scratch, use Victoria Threader's rainbow cupcake recipe.

Nutritional information

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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claire s

These were a hit with my family! I used sugarflair gel colours which gives a very vibrant colour and a little bit goes a long way. I'm still trying to perfect them as the colours merge quite a lot so its more like a psychedelic marble effect at the moment!


look really good I'm going to make these in my science class i hope my friends like them


These are SO cute! I'm going to make these for my son's 2nd birthday party. How fun! :)

Elaine Spencer

I made my first batch of these a few weeks ago,and the novelty of all the different colours caused many comments,I made another dozen this week for a family get together,and they were the first to go,the men seem to find them as much fun as the children .


hi u can buy it reaaly cheap in asda or tesco, just their value ranges and its suprisly very tasty...i'm gonna try thus recipe today using 2 bags of it, so i'll let u know how many it makes xx


Hi wanting to make these for a large family gathering in August with small children present and trying to organise myself with the minimum of prep beforehand. Where can I get the white cake mix as specified? Thank you.


I've Literally JUST made these using the basic cupcake recipe mixture recommended and they've turnt out fantastically. The amount for each batter however is very critical and was wondering if anyone knew roughly how much batter should make up each layer of the cupcake, to achieve the perfect rainbow cupcake.


i made these rainbow cupcakes with my 2 year old niece Libby she really enjoyed mixing the different colours. i used the basic cupcake receipe and we topped them with butter icing and anything libby wanted to put on them, they were yum and didnt last very long. They are not fiddle to do they look really great and she now wants them making for her 3rd birthday in June. great idea and great fun.

Katy goodtoknow Recipes

Hi Steph, we haven't tried it with a giant cupcake but I don't see why not. Our giant cupcake recipe is here:


these look amazing! my little boy will enjoy making and eating these! could you also us one of those giant cupcake molds for this? or would it not give the same effect?

Katy goodtoknow Recipes

Hi Lorraine247 - yes, you absolutely can use your usual vanilla cupcake recipe. Our basic cupcake mix recipe is here: Have fun!


wow these look brilliant, could you just make your own cake mix say a vanilla cupcake mix or is there a reason why you would use a bought one?


My grandmother made these for me when I was but a tiny girl; my mother made them as well; I made them for our children and now our children are making them for their children. They are cheerful...and delicious! We made them by just dropping teaspoons full of different colors rather than a rainbow - they were just bursts of color. Thank you for adding this one!


Wow these look amazing! I never thought to add food colouring to cake mix...

Holly Recipes Assistant

I LOVE these! I though they'd be so much harder to make - will definitely be trying these!

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