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We ask Harry for her top tips for making cakes with vegetables from freezing them to how fresh the veggies need to be...

Do you do anything different when baking vegetable cakes?
'Tin size is important with any kind of baking, but especially when baking vegetable cakes without butter and flour as you're relying on the vegetables to lift upwards and create air - so the surface area needs to be bigger. Otherwise, it's very simple and straighforward. I don't use any high-tech equipment, just a hand grater. As a food writer, I believe it's my responsibility to create things everyone can make.'

How fresh do the veg need to be?
'Ripe vegetables are perfectly fine to use. If you'd use them in a pasta bake, you can use them in the cake.'

Can you freeze these cakes?
'Absolutely. In fact, they freeze better than cakes made with butter! Butter goes from cold and solid to warm and melted so cakes made with butter appear very light, moist and fluffy as the butter's still warm. But as soon as the cake cools down, and especially if frozen, the butter doesn't quite recover that initial lightness. But vegetables don't alter their texture and continue to moisturise and sweeten the cakes days after being made - they're even marginally improved by sitting.

'Always ice them fresh though [once cooled]. One thing that isn't forgiving is the icing. I'm not against using butter by any means - butter is for flavour and taste so perfect for icing, but it's uneccesary in the actual cake when vegetables can do the same job.'

And finally, what's your top baking tip?
'Be prepared and have fun! Have the right amount of time and ingredients. I'm chaotic and imaginative in my cooking, but also practical - I get all the ingredients out before I start and am very methodical. For first-timers, I'd recommend trying out the chocolate heartache cake and orange squash cupcake recipes...'

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