Classic meals with a twist: Shepherd’s pie

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Shepherds pie
We know you love making a traditional shepherd's pie for the family but have you ever thought about giving it a twist? It's easy to adapt your usual shepherd's pie recipe with the addition of a few simple ingredients. See our 3 twist recipes for some ideas.



The classic



Classic shepherd's pie Layers of creamy mash potato sit atop a traditional minced lamb mixture in this recipe. Follow along with our step-by-step video to get your classic shepherd's pie perfect. 

The twists

Mary Berry

Shepherd's pie dauphinois For a quick and easy change, why not try a dauphinois topping? Slices of potatoes in a creamy cheese sauce give this everyday meal a cheap-but-luxurious-tasting twist.

Vegetarian shepherd

Vegetarian shepherd's pie with sweet potato If you're after a healthier take on shepherd's pie you can easily replace the mince with a mix of vegetables. A sweet potato mash topping is a delicious change in veggie and non-veggie shepherd's pies alike, and is lower GI than regular spuds.

 Ravinder Bhogal

Spicy shepherd's pie Are you a spice-loving family? If so, this fiery shepherd's pie is right up your street. Made with added chillies, cumin and cinnamon and a warming paprika mash topping, this pie is certainly full of flavour.

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