Classic meals with a twist: Tuna pasta bake

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Tuna and broccoli pasta bake

When you haven't got much in the fridge, a tuna pasta bake is always a useful storecupboard standby. Using just a few more storecupboard ingredients you can make a nutritious and different meal for the family each week. If tuna pasta bakes are a favourite in your house, check out our tuna pasta recipes to stretch your weeknight repertoire.

The classic 

Broccoli and tuna pasta bake

Tuna pasta bake Throw together some tuna, pasta and a nice cheesy sauce and you've got a tasty family meal. This recipe only needs 5 mins of prep - leaving you more time away from the kitchen. 


The twists


Tuna and tomato salsa pasta This tuna pasta recipe from Woman's Weekly is just as easy as your usual tuna pasta bake. Combine the tuna and pasta with a tub of salsa and there you go - dinner in just 15 mins! 

Pasta Nicoise

Quick pasta Niçoise The basic ingredients of classic tuna Niçoise are a delicious addition to this pasta dish. This quick pasta salad is perfect for light dinners and lunches.

Tuna Bolognese_Dolmio.jpg

Tuna spaghetti Bolognese If your family like tuna pasta and spaghetti Bolognese, why not combine the two? Tuna makes a cheap alternative to mince and gives a very different flavour to the meal. 

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