Sherry flip

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Sherry and advocaat cocktail
Sherry and advocaat cocktail
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Woman's Weekly recipe A cocktail to get you into the party spirit! Spruce up your usual festive sherry with this simple recipe


  • A few ice cubes
  • 4 parts (tbsp) advocaat
  • 1 part (tbsp) cream sherry (or Madeira, or lime cordial)
  • Lemonade, to top up
  • Zest of lime, curled

Cherries are sometimes labelled 'cocktail cherries'


  1. Put a few ice cubes in a glass. Add the advocaat, then the sherry (or Madeira, or lime cordial). Top up with lemonade, give it a stir. Decorate with a slice of lime and a cherry on a cocktail stick.

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