John wins The Great British Bake Off

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John Whaite wins The Great British Bake Off

John Whaites has been crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off.

The law student beat favourites James Morton and Brendan Lynch in a tense final which saw them make savoury pithivier tarts, fondant fancies and one final all-out show stopper. 

John had struggled in previous weeks of the show, being named star baker only once during the bread week. Judge Paul Hollywood commented that past winners has excelled during that round of the show and James was no exception. 

John took to Twitter to share his joy at being crowned the winner:

'Thank you so much everyone! I'm still in complete shock, but you've all made these 10 weeks such fun! Xxxx' he tweeted.

The judges said the final was going to be a tough race and even performances in the first two rounds meant it would come down to who excelled with their show stopper. Paul and Mary Berry just loved John's heaven and hell cake and said that he doesn't always get it right, but when he does it is simply amazing. 

John is now saving up to study patisserie in Paris.


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