Apple and cinnamon porridge

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Apple and cinnamon porridge
Apple and cinnamon porridge
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There is no better breakfast than a soul-warming bowl of hearty porridge. For years we were packed off to school on a belly full of milky oats and sweet honey. In this recipe the combination of sticky apple and pungent cinnamon makes this the ultimate breakfast, setting you up until lunchtime and offering a healthy and nutritious meal.


  • 100g porridge oats
  • 200ml milk
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 1 apple, peeled, cored and chopped
  • ½tsp of cinnamon

For a super speedy breakfast, microwave the oats and milk on high for 2-3mins.


  1. In a saucepan, heat the milk until it begins to bubble. Add the oats and allow cook for 5mins or until the milk has been absorbed.
  2. In a separate pan, add the honey and apple on a low heat and allow to soften and caramelise for a few minutes.
  3. Spoon the porridge into two bowls and top with the apples. Sprinkle a little extra cinnamon on top and serve.

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