Mango pork kebabs

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Mango pork kebabs
Mango pork kebabs
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Pork and mango are a match made in food heaven. Kebab skewers are quintessential summer food in Britain as we fight against the odd of typical rainy days. This recipe works well both on the traditional BBQ but should the weather turn sour, they bring the sunshine indoors and taste just as good cooked under the grill. If you donít like mango, try ripe plums, or sweet pineapple chunks.


  • 200g pork shoulder, cut into 1inch cubes
  • 1tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1 ripe mango, peeled

For a little touch of heat add 1tsp of wholegrain mustard to the mango pulp.


  1. Place the pork pieces in a bowl and toss in the oil to coat evenly.
  2. In another bowl, slice the mango flesh off the large seed in the centre of the fruit. Mash with a fork until almost pulp like. Add the fruit to the pork and using your hands, mix the 2 together. Leave to marinate for as long as possible (10mins minimum)
  3. Very carefully, take each pork cube and thread them onto a skewer. 3 or 4 should fit nicely on each one.
  4. Now either grill them or pop them on the BBQ. The mango will caramelise as the pork cooks. Serve when cooked through but stull tender.

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