Cinnamon popcorn

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Cinnamon popcorn
Cinnamon popcorn
  • Serves: 4

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  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Costs: Cheap as chips

This delicious and easy recipe is sweet and simple to make. It doesn’t take much to make these tasty snacks. This wouldn’t be safe for a child to make on his or her own, but they will love listening to the great popping sound of the popcorn coming from the pan. It’s the perfect snack for a rainy evening in front of the TV or watching a fun family film all together. Plus it only takes 5 mins to cook.


  • 100g popcorn
  • 2tbsp light olive oil
  • A large pinch of salt
  • ½tsp ground cinnamon, or to taste (optional)

If you don’t like cinnamon flavour with a little sugar when cooked.


  1. Place all the ingredients into a medium size pan and stir thoroughly.
  2. Cover the pan with a tight fitted lid and heat gently, you should be able to hear the kernels popping. Shake every now and then, and continue heating until the popping sound subsides.
  3. Remove from the heat and leave to stand until no more popping sounds can be heard.
  4. Remove the lid using oven gloves and stir thoroughly, otherwise the popcorn at the bottom will burn.
  5. Leave to cool slightly, before popping into individual bowls and serving.

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