Chocolate cornflake cakes

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Chocolate cornflake cakes
Chocolate cornflake cakes
  • Makes: 18

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    plus setting
  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Costs: Cheap as chips

The great thing about these chocolate cornflake cakes is that the ingredients are inexpensive, they are very easy to make, and they contain things – such as cornflakes and chocolate – that you know kids love. They make great little Easter presents for your children to give their friends, too; just wrap in a pretty bag with a ribbon and eat the same day.


  • 350g plain chocolate
  • 2tbsp golden syrup
  • 140g butter
  • 170g cornflakes

These also taste great served with strawberries or a dollop of cream.


  1. Line a muffin tin with 18 cases.
  2. Melt the chocolate, syrup and butter in a pan, stirring occasionally. Tip the cornflakes into a bowl and carefully pour over the melted chocolate mixture, and mix well, being careful not to crush the cornflakes.
  3. Spoon the cornflakes into cases. Chill in the fridge until set.
  4. Decorate with milk chocolate mini eggs or little edible fondant stars if wished.

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