Apple and celery calmer

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Apple and celery calmer
Apple and celery calmer
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There’s nothing like a homemade smoothie to kick start the day or for that mid afternoon snack. Plus, after the eventful festive season, this smoothie will no doubt prove a winner with its celery infusion, which is known to have a calming, restful effect. So if you’re having trouble sleeping, try this quick and easy smoothie for a peaceful night’s slumber.


  • 6 stick of celery, trimmed
  • 4 apples, cored and quartered
  • Apple and celery slices to serve

As an alternative, try substituting the apple for carrots. With this crunchy orange power food, you get vitamin A and a host of other health benefits.


  1. Put the celery and apple through a juicer and pour into glasses.
  2. Serve with celery and apple slices.

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