Lion cupcakes

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Lion cupcakes


  • 120g brown modelling paste for the mane
  • 60g orange fondant for the head
  • 30g cream fondant for the chin
  • Black sugar pearls for the eyes
  • Chinese clear noodles for the whiskers

How cute are these lion cupcakes? The kids are going to love them! If you’re throwing a jungle-themed party for your tots or fancy putting a big smile on their cute little faces, these cupcakes will surely do the trick.

These lion cupcakes may look tricky to make but our cupcake queen Victoria Threader has made it easy with a simple step-by-step picture recipe.

It doesn’t take much to make the cupcakes, we just a basic vanilla cupcake mixture. You could try chocolate or other flavours too – whatever is your child’s favourite flavour.

Topped with a easy-to-make fondant design, these creative and fun cupcakes are great for practising your cupcake decorating skills. Most shops have ready-coloured fondant so you’ll be able to find the modelling fondant easily enough.


  • 6cm wavy double-sided cookie cutter
  • 3cm heart cookie cutter
  • 23mm, 10mm circle cutters
  • Rolling pin
  • Small nail scissors (For food use only)
  • Cocktail stick
  • Water brush
  • Smile tool or the edge of small circle cutter for the smile
  • Ball tool or the end of a teaspoon

Step 1

Make up a batch of our basic cupcakes and allow to cool.

Whip up our classic vanilla buttercream and either pipe a swirl onto the cakes or spread a layer with a palette knife.


Step 2

Roll the brown modelling paste out to ¼ inch thick and cut 12x wavy circles. Using the nail scissors, snip around the edges and leave to dry on a sponge or greaseproof paper. You can keep the off-cuts of fondant under a glass to stop them from going dry.


Step 3

Roll the orange fondant out and cut 12x hearts. Stick the hearts onto the top of the mane with a brush of water.


Step 4

Roll the cream coloured fondant and cut 12x 23mm circles and stick over the bottom of the hearts with a brush of water.


Step 5

Stick the black sugar pearls onto the head with a dot of water.


Step 6

Cut a small triangle from the off-cuts of brown modelling paste and stick on for the nose. Using a cocktail stick, mark down from the centre of the nose, then using the smile tool or small cookie cutter press into to the fondant at the bottom of the line for a smile.


Step 7

Cut the Chinese noodle to size and push into the cheeks. For the ears cut 12x 10mm circles and indent with a balling tool. Cut the circles in half and stick them to the top of the head with a brush of water.


Step 8

Ice the cupcakes by piping or spreading the buttercream onto the tops. Place the toppers onto the iced cupcakes.

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