5:2 diet meal plans: What to eat for 500 calorie fast days

The fast days are undoubtedly the hardest part of the 5:2 diet but we're here to show you that it doesn't have to be a food-free day. There are many different ways to eat your 500 calories on your fast days...
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The 5:2 diet just got easy thanks to our handy 5:2 diet recipes and meal plans. From breakfast to lunch, from dinner to snack time, we've got lots of recipes to keep you on track when it comes to taking part in the 5:2 diet.

The 500 calorie fast days are obviously the hardest part of the diet - how on earth are you supposed to survive on just 500 calories all day? Don't worry it can be done. We've got the 5:2 diet covered with handy meal plans, recipes and tips and tricks along the way.

The point of the 5:2 diet is that you give your body 2 fast days and 5 days where you eat normally, albeit slightly healthier. The diet is fast becoming the nation's favourite weight-loss option and the fast days needn't be as scary as they sound.

We're not saying they're not going to be hard but if you plan your day thoroughly with the help of shopping lists and meal plans you can make sure they're as easy as they possibly can be.

We've collected together calorie-counted recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you can piece together a 500 calorie meal plan that suits you. Some people like to have one big meal, while others need to eat more frequently.

Our meal planners below will show you how it's done, then it's over you. Pick from our breakfasts under 100 calories, lunches under 200 calories and dinners under 200, 300 and 400 calories to make the most out of your 500 calories.

Being on a diet doesn't mean missing out on your favourite treats. We've got lots of low calorie versions of classic meals including curry, stir-fries, sandwiches and more.

And of course, we'd love to hear how you're getting on with your 5:2 diet progress so feel free to comment below.


Sample meal 5:2 diet planners

476 calorie day

491 calorie day

Breakfast - 94 calories

Sultanas, Greek yogurt & almonds

Breakfast - 94 calories

Spinach omelette

Lunch - 170 calories

Crushed new potatoes and shoots

Lunch - 132 calories

Chicken miso soup

Dinner - 170 calories

Chinese vegetable chow mein

Dinner - 238 calories

Moroccan root tagine with couscous

Snack - 42 calories

Two satsumas

Snack - 27 calories 

1 Bear Pure Fruit Yo-Yo snacks



Now you can make your own meal planners with our calorie-counted breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks!  


5:2 diet fast day breakfasts under 100 calories 




5:2 diet fast day lunches under 200 calories 



5:2 diet fast day dinners under 200 calories 



5:2 diet fast day dinners under 300 calories 



5:2 diet fast day meals under 400 calories 



5:2 diet fast day snacks under 100 calories 

Have you tried the 5:2 diet plan, and did it work for you? Let us know your best tips and tricks in the comment box below!

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Lisa Convery

Disappointed I cannot get this app as not available on iPhone :-(


What about me, Allan? I am a vegan. Self-control is my middle name. I eat nothing processed and have been on a strict low-carb 1200-1500 calorie per day diet for 6 months, logging absolutely everything I put in my mouth. I exercise for 90 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week (with a heart-rate monitor so I know I am not "slacking"). I haven't lost a pound yet and have about 100 to lose (that I gained in a YEAR for no apparent reason). So, what am I doing wrong? You seem like a expert. The doctors and specialists can't figure it out...which is peculiar since you say it is SO SIMPLE!


Yeah that's correct, I'm selfish, I do the following: Eat myself silly to the point I'll probably die early. Crush people on public transport. Cost millions on a service that should be helping cancer victims. Embarrass all my relatives. Have people worry about me. No wait, that's what fat people do, isn't it!!! It really is that easy. Accept it, I know how easy it is. Also I couldn't care less if you detest me lol

Mrs T

How I detest people like you. Totally selfish and if it were that easy as you say, there would be no overweight people.


Why is Monica stupid? She's 100% accurate. You can't argue with her logic. You're fat cause you eat too much. That is a proven fact, Google it. Calories in vs calories out. Stop excusing it, deal with it. #Well said Monica


You're welcome. Show me where I'm silly or what I've said that lacks accuracy. You're clearly fat and in denial. As I say, stop eating so much, problem solved. Don't put a dress on it and call it a battle. fat people defending Fatness, how original. What does goober fan even mean? #Worstcomebackinapostever x


Thank you for your pearls of wisdom, Allan. I see so clearly now. Have you considered writing a book to help others in need? -Your #1 silly goober fan ;-)


turmeric, curry

Deb Ray

Lots of new info on fasting. Every one's body is different. I've lost 30 lbs on the 5:2 and I eat lunch on my fast days. I usually don't eat breakfast, but sometimes I do. It's very flexible.


why does anyone need to battle with their weight!!! Its lack of self control. Its also 80% diet, 20% exercise whether that be walking or hoovering!! Losing weight is easy, staying away from the fridge is hard! Refusing to buy crips, sausages and pizzas is hard. Just DONT DO IT, SIMPLE!!! Too many people over complicate the issue. Stop being greedy, control your portion, eat something small every 2 hours voila!!!! I feel my blood boil when i hear the expression 'battling with weight', this expression only serves to empower the weak minded / willed among us who excuse everything they do by eating excessively. You don't have to be physically able to perform this! Wrapping people up in cotton wool with this subject doesnt get to the truth. Absolutely no excuse for being fat, none whatsoever. The real reason is the fact that you refuse to slim down, REFUSE!!!


The fasting days should be, if at all possible, 250 cals in the morning a 12 HOUR FAST and then 250 cals in the evening (for a woman, 300 and 300 for a man). So where does LUNCH come into it? Some people find it difficult to fast so some have an apple or something during the 12 hour fast. The original Fast Diet written by Michael Mosley makes this very clear. It is the absence of any calories that does you good! Lunch is not feasible on the fasting day. Your article is very misleading. Some people do eat all their calories at the end of the day however a lunch of over 100 calories completely defeats the idea of the FAST.

Annie 58

App does not work


That was a thumbs down hit the wrong arrow ! Why are you on this site if that's you attitude ..not helpful and rather rude !


Not only was the comment made by Monica unkind/insensitive it misses the other benefits of the 5:2 diet which are the ones for your health. Luckily I have no problem with my weight but at 65, I am aware of the process of aging and the unfortunate 'conditions' that can come with it. I do the 5:2 diet , and have done for several months now to help lower any risk of high colesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetis, dementia etc. It may not be proven to do so but it certainly won't hurt to try.


All well and good calorie counting but that's not accounting the sugar and fat particularly in yoghurts and nuts. Caloriees shouldnt be the one being controlled.


Your a very sad lady I imagine, while what you say is probably correct, it serves no purpose for those of us who choose to support each other and those who are battling with their weight. Nothing to be ashamed of and its a great place to find new exciting recipes.

Maggie Smith

That's a very unkind comment it's not easy for some of us...


Why are you on a site such as this if you have no interest in a diet?? Get a life & keep your opinions to yourself, you are not being helpful or encouraging to anyone. Maybe you best look at a site which teaches you such things.


Everyone's metabolism is different Monica. You're the typical person who has never struggled with weight and is too stupid to see that not everyone is the same. I'm slim and have always been but I'm lucky like that, I have family and friends who eat so much better than I do but still struggle with their weight. Explain that one??


I have to agree with "other side". Not everyone is capable of remaining or becoming slim by just eating properly and sometimes we need diet suggestions to help give our systems a kick start. Plus not everyone is actually capable of "moving more". I've worked around a lot of people who are incapable of rigorous movement due to various health issues. Sometimes people just want difference in their diets in general. Just saying "diet and exercise" is rather high handed and narrow minded of you. What works for you personally doesn't work for everyone, after all, so there's no reason for you to be so dismissive of diet plans just because you don't need them and/or wouldn't personally do them.

other side of the coin

i'm guess your slim.......go figure!!!! not everyone finds your advise encouraging....


Hi, you can download the app to itunes and use it from there. Just put it on my mac so it should work on iphone too.


Why does everyone need a diet? Learn to eat properly and move more. Simple as that.


I downloaded it today onto my iphone :)


VERY DISSAPOINTED as I can't download the App!! Hope it has not charged me :-(( I have iPhone and would have thought that it would work....


Me too Lisa. I cannot download the Apple App, as i don't own anything it is compatible with.


Yeah Kristine, the trouble is, most people are arguing with the facts!!! Sarcasm Kristine, wow, well thought out comeback there. Love it, lol. Keep em coming. :)


Marie.... PMSL... how will putting weight on make you stay away from my attitude... are you thinking about food again? Is that why what you doesnt make sense? Have to laugh at this comment. Opposing fat peoples excuses is DOES NOT mean you are bitter! It just doesnt! simple as that, lol. I could not be a happier person, but peeing down my back and telling me its raining is not going to provoke an accepting attitude from me! Good day. :). BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Really who want to be thin if you become bitter and miserable like you.Maybe I will put some weight on to stay away from your attitude....


I have been on the 5-2 diet now for 8weeks,I have lost 19lbs,very happy with weight loss.Iam 68years old,I feel healthier and have lost a dress size.

Kristine Walker

I notice the tone of those critical of people trying to lose weight. Very aggressive, angry language 'deal with it, ' 'move on.' I know these types in real life. We call them bullies.

Kristine Walker

Well, if you have the secret to weight loss, you must be a millionaire by now, because nobody else seems to have figured it out but you!

Abraham Easo

I am in total agreement with Allan's point of view. People put on weight only due to overeating combined with less physical excertion. If one has medical issues due to which one puts on weight then diet control is not the solution but treating the medical problem is. Some people have commented that they eat within limits then where is the need for any diet plan? Abraham

Always Slim

Mrs T and others, there are a few people that have medical conditions that cause their obesity, and far too many who use this as an excuse. At the beginning of last century and before, there were very few obese people. People had more active lifestyles, and set meal times. Now many people 'graze' throughout the day, and think they haven't eaten much. The temptation is everywhere, many people can not resist the smells and food displayed at every turn. Get real! If you want to lose weight then control your eating, if you don't then stay Fat! It is as simple as that.


What an excellent, helpful, honest and sensible comment. Thank you Pam and good luck with your healthy lifestyle.


actually, i am not bitter at all and i do have an interest in the site. Where are you getting your misinformed information from? Is this another tactic by a fat person to deflect the truth AGAIN? Lets get back to the real subject here and leave the interest in me out of this! I am absolutely interested in this. FACT. I am also not bitter at all, i simply tell the truth that clearly, alot of you cannot handle. I suppose youll want to attack my grammar and spelling now? LOL. YAWWWWNNNNNNNNNN!!!!


Allan, you are obviously a bitter person. That you choose to comment on this site on a subject that you are not interested in. Why ?


However, as I'm always reminded whenever I see I'm chumping up a bit... No-one came out of the concentration camps fat. Sometimes it takes time for the body to react. I notice that when I start an exercise regime and eating regime (recording all my food and drink intake), it takes a good 6-8 weeks and then, slowly, I start seeing the results. Exercise also takes time... I noticed that my boobs had started to 'go' one day and wondered if there was something wrong, then realised that, dumb me, of course, my exercising/diet was starting to take effect! Sure enough, that was six weeks in. Of course, it takes longer to see a difference in the fattier areas, like my thighs, but that slowly improved too. If you're really finding no difference at all and after months, look at what you're doing or see your gp. Don't ignore it, in case you have other health issues. Some years ago I saw a fascinating secret eater programme, that showed how, even when we think we know what we're eating, we tend to eat more than we realise.


Pam I only came on this site to read up on the diet. I feel really fed up now reading Allan's comments. I am 60 this year and looking at trying to eat healthier. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer 2 years ago. The outcome was removal of the whole kidney. I am 2 years into my 5 years of check ups and everything is fine but it does change you outlook on life when something like this happens to you. Allan stop being so aggressive and abrupt with people. If you are lucky enough not to need to loose weight or eat more healthily then don't come on a site where people are looking at trying something new and have a go. Life is too short. Try being just a bit more positive about things.


Why do fat people always resort to slagging other people's use of English. Lets get off of the English mistakes and back to the real problem bob. She's not stupid at all. I suppose no one will die or cost the UKs NHS billions if English isn't up to your standard BOB. now stop reaching for the fridge, it really is the reason, not English mistakes.


Oooooohhh sore 1. I do apologise. I suppose no one will die or cost the UKs NHS billions if my English isn't up to your standard.


"Why does everyone need a diet? Learn to eat properly..." What, you mean alter my diet? This is why Monica is stupid; she doesn't know the definition of a simple word.


You may be physical perfection but your English could do with some serious work Allan!

Linda Broughton

Which is the best way to get started do I do 2 500 days then 5 normal days or start off with z5 normal days then 2 500 days ?


Aimee, are you stupid or did you just not read what i said? Are all people like you presumptuous? FACT1: I DO NOT troll diet sites. I came on once, seen people moaning about their weight and justifying it with pathological lies, believed only by themselves. I didnt put a single person down. My comments are: Do NOT try and tell me what is fact and what is NOT. Its really is a simple concept. If someone was looking for inspiration, then it needs to start from home, it needs to start with the people in question opening their eyes, telling themselves the truth, not posting lies as if we don't know what the real reasons are!! Some people do argue the fact of calories in vc calories out! They actually DO!!! I read on these posts, 'Ive tried everything, but i just cant lose weight'. Excuse me? Youve not tried what you need to try! That much is true! I also did not go on a 'fat shaming rant', im still not on a 'fat shaming rant', im simply saying, (now, theres no trick in this statement to follow) tell yourselves the truth, stop 'Battling' your weight, wisen up, dont each as much and move more... 'BATTLE OVER'. Sorry, what do you NOT get and ill try to explain a little further, lets try this from all angles. I want to explore every eventuality until the people that tell themselves lie after lie simply have nothing else to say to counteract what the truth is. FACT2: I dont waste my time... I simply reply. I posted once, now im replying. If this is wasting time, then so be it, i enjoy getting to the root of problems and exposing lies. FACT3: I am thinly veiling nothing, absolutely nothing!! This is simply another way for you to thinly veil my truth thus attempting to provide your lies with precedence. My truth will come out on top once again! call it what you like, fat shaming etc, end of the day, whatever way you dress this up or try and box it, it is simply the truth. You are fighting a losing battle here, and i suspect the same battle is being lost of the weight front, but who am i to presume such a thing, lol. Go Away. I dont have anything bad to say, ive got a lot of truth to say, point is, people do not consider me when they choose to tell me lies to my face about their weight, so why should i be the one to shut up in the face of that!?!? The fridge is that way >>>>>


Ummm...why on earth would you spend your time trolling diet sites to make these comments? Your comments serve no purpose except to put down people who are obviously looking for some inspiration / information to make some changes to their lives. I'm not arguing that the basic answer is not calories in VS calories out, and neither is anyone really who is looking at a site that provides information on how to manage their caloric intake. What did you hope to achieve by going on a fat shaming rant? If it was to make yourself look like someone who wastes his time looking at diet sites to insult others who are looking for support to make changes to their lifestyle then mission accomplished. Guess what-you don't have to come to these sites, nor do you have to feel the need to share your negative opinions (whether it is fat shaming thinly veiled behind science or not). Weren't you ever taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Miriam Proder

Hi I will be buying the 5-2 recipe book shortly, but a few things I have found in the two weeks since I started. 500 calories is not a lot, and though some recipes shown on this page look delicious, quantities would be tiny to keep within the calorie count. I have found that protein is the best thing to keep hunger at bay for longer. I like a soft boiled egg on un-buttered toast for breakfast with herb tea, and then I am not hungry until lunch time. I had vegetable soup and a few blueberries for lunch one day and found that by dinner time I was ravenous, so had only 100g roast chicken (no skin) and I felt fine until bedtime. People are different and I do intend to be more creative on the fast days, but for me, the secret is to keep it simple. I prefer to keep my cooking creativity for the other days, and try to eat a bit healthier. Cheers, Miriam


Very insightful. A, I'm not arrogant, that makes you judgemental. B, I'm not on about overweight people with medical conditions, that makes you factually incorrect to a scale of biblical proportions. C, I'm not an arse, I'm a reader of science and fact, that being that overeating leads to being overweight, that makes you abusive. Don't vent at me, vent at science. D, I certainly ain't trying to help anyone, I'm actually standing up and telling whoever that wants to pish down my back n tell me Its raining that I definitely know it's not rain. That makes you, yep you guessed it, wrong AGAIN! Lol. Do you know what we call all these wrongs? That's right ladies n gents, we call that a full house. Congratulations. X


Allan you are a complete arrogant arse. Reading what you have to say is infuriating. Every person is different, what drives us is different, medical conditions could be a factor for obesity and not only that but a possible trauma to which make people over eat, not everybody is as narrow minded egotistic as yourself. Not everybody shall be looking for a diet to lose weight but instead as a lifestyle change to improve their health. I thoroughly despise selfish narrow minded jobs worth's like you! I'm not fat but people like yourself putting others down the way you do, how are you helping, your NOT!! The 5:2 diet is linked with reducing the risk of heart disease, strokes and cancer and many other things. Its not just about losing weight!!


Well, it's either lies or a severe medical problem. Your tone suggests that: scores of academics, undisputed proof and evidence based results are simply wrong where people who do over eat through lack of self control are unable to lose weight (where a severe medical condition is not concerned). Don't argue with me, argue with facts and undisputed science.


For those who have made derogatory remarks about overweight people , you obviously have had perfect lives . Thank goodness there is support for people struggling in whatever is complicating their lives . Common sense tells us not to smoke , drink , over eat , whatever , we all have a weakness . I envy people who are perfect . I'm neither fat , or skinny , 100% fit or lazy , I certainly know there's room for improvement , and occasionally try the healthier lifestyle thing until I fall off the wagon again . Good luck to all those who are trying .

Georgina Campbell

Can I download an app on my iPad or an ebooks with recipes

Claudia Brown

I did my first 500 calorie day and it was wonderful. I wasn't hungry surprisingly. I started with my bullet coffee (100 calories), then had an egg cooked up with a pile of vegies and a dandelion coffee with stevia and unsweetened coconut milk (150 cal). For dinner I had cauliflower pizza crust with some great toppings. I had two green teas during the day which kept me energized and a lot of lemon water and after dinner I enjoyed a bengal spice tea. I love the idea of IF and all of its health benefits. Losing weight would be an amazing bonus. :)


Kathy, 1. I am not so arrogant to assume anything and I actually agree with everything you have said. Well done. A balanced view.

Kathy Mansell

Who said Monica was stupid? Being fat has everything to do with food intake being greater than energy output ... but overeating is rarely a simple thing; fat people aren't always (sometimes they are) lazy; there are most often medical issues and nearly always psychological issues. For those who conscientiously and successfully watch what they eat and exercise, and consequently maintain a healthy body weight ... good for you, and may that always be the case for you! But never be so arrogant as to assume it is that way for everybody.

Kathy Mansell

At its most basic level you are absolutely right. However, your comment is not at all supportive or encouraging for those people who can't (for whatever reason) simply "eat properly and move more". Some people do a lot better with a structured diet because they work best with structure; telling someone just to eat properly doesn't take into account the myriad psychological reasons that cause some people to eat and/or make less than healthy choices. Empathy goes a long way, and as does co-creating an environment where people feel free to share their concerns without having to deal with negative, dismissive attitudes and comments.


Ben, I am not wrong in any way shape or form... The last I checked when I went to uni, 1 example of 2 people hardly constituted as proof for anything. You'll forgive me if I stick with the academics on this one and the absolute, undeniable proof that is actually already out there. Visit your GP, you will be given the same advice. Lack of self control costs lives!!! Let me prove it, now this is not me talking here, these are the professors and the NHS directly spelling it out for you Ben. Let me bring your attention to points... 3 "Eaten in the right quantities and as part of a balanced diet, carbohydrates will not, on their own (i.e. without butter, creamy sauces, etc. added to them) lead to weight gain". 5 "To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume." Yes your metabolic rate will play a part, however it is not the be all and end all. Don't feed these people's excuses, they're putting our NHS in danger because they refused to control themselves for the most part. I'm not here to fat shame, im here to stand up to lies and the perception that excuses are okay! I am also not saying there are no exceptions to the rule, of course there are! I also understand that disability can be an issue. I'm talking about the lazy, could not give a damn, selfish folk who's ONLY defence to being given the facts are to attack spelling mistakes of the messenger lol. Give me a break! Let's always get back to the subject! If you want to start another debate, at least do your research. I've managed to blow your carb theory along with your metabolism theory wide open in one stroke of my finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Ben, are you going to argue that the experts with 50+ years of experience are wrong? Lol. Apologies in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors, now back to the subject!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time!!! NEXT????

Ben Draw

Actually you are wrong. metabolism does play a big part in fat gain. Some people can eat and eat never gain a pound. I myself am not fat, If I was to eat and eat though I would gain a lot of Fat quickly. I do eat a good amount, I work out so I do it to gain Muscle growth, My Brother eats way more than me, he does not workout, sits at work, sits at home, never gains a pound. There is your proof. also, I also work with a guy who has overactive thyroid, he drops weight really quick when eating a lot so he takes meds to control the weight loss. As you know the thyroid controls your Metabolism. an underactive thyroid can cause weight gain. So your idea that calories in calories out is just plain wrong. Now another note, Carbs cause weight gain as we all know, not the slow carbs like veggies, this is why someone can eat Fat, protein, little bit of carbs and lose weight and not really have to worry about calories, one reason is there's less calories in these foods so you can eat much more of these foods. you can still go past your calorie intake daily with these foods and not gain weight. Where as Bad carbs has more calories per serving and you eat less before your reach your calorie intake, also spikes your insulin levels. So there's more into this black and white idea you try to push on these people.


When I come to this page I was looking for a Recipes read up on all those comments, I that it was sad because it is easy to say to someone push away from the table, stop eating so much. and go to the gym and work out. Stop excusing it, deal with it. and pointing the finger and blame and a lot more.Or a person that has not every in their life had a weight problem to try to tell others to go work out or push away from the table like if their doctors that know all about the patient. unless you are walking in that person, shoe's you don't know what is going on in their life nor their weight. everyone body is different some people may have problems with weight, may not come off that easy. First of all diets do not work, because diets are a temper fix. 2. there is a lot more to learning to eat properly. It is like a Recipe, there is maintenance care-meaning Emotional Eating.self-esteem, Relationships and a lot more. 3.physical- not everyone is able to run to a gym. but may do the best they can. what about the one's that go throw the pain! For those who have made derogatory remarks about overweight people yes, every point you can come up with there is another. so my point is this. until you can walk in that person shoe's know what that person is feeling and going throw.There is an old saying if you cant say nothing good at all don't say nothing at all. If you can't give the person true support, don't give your (peace of mind at all.) If you don't know that facts, don't add your facts. because you don't know what that person is going throw or what could push them over the Bridge. think before you talk. Overweight people are people too and they have feelings too.


Pretty sure you're in denial James. You sound like the perfect candidate to be one of those secret eaters. Fact is, u r bigger than your friend because you eat more. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!! I'm not out of touch with reality. I have years of proof that contradictes ur wild metabolism theory. Yeah, let's not eat less and do less exercise because James wants to fly in the face of scientific fact by announcing that there's no point because ur metabolism has beaten u before u begin. You're just another excuser of the fat condition. This is the most idiotic comment so far. Congratulations. Is there anyone out there that's going to hold their hands up and say 'I'm too fat because I eat too much and don't exercise enough, however I'm going to change all that and become healthy again'.... Anyone? Word of warning, saying anything to the contrary will not be believed. No one believes u that you're eating little calories and doing lots in the gym if you're still fat. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AND IF IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, IT'S ALOT OF MINCE AND FIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you actually think we believe u? Seriously? Lol. Go away James. Don't be silly.


Well this is a typical, pathetic comment from a individual who has no idea about reality! There are so many factors involve you little mind probably cant cope, for example metabolism, my friend for example its half the size of me, doesn't go to the gym and eats more than me, but never put on weight! Thats because he has a far higher metabolism than me! It make me sad the ignorance of people like yourself linking FAT to unhealthy!


Good for you, no infact, awesome for you! I genuinely applaud that. I also genuinely hope someone reads this and takes inspiration from you.


Not one lie. 7% body fat puts me below 1st percentile. Less than 6% is considered unhealthy by most doctors. Consistently finishing in the top 10% of pro-am cycling competitions puts me at the very top of the heap for fitness compared to the general populace. So, the statistical odds of you being either thinner or fitter than me are diminishingly small. A decade ago, I had to get into shape and I shed 45lbs. I know exactly what it takes to turn that particular ship around. Perhaps, "small lifestyle changes" work for you, but not for most. The first 20lbs were simple, but the 25 after that were hard-fought and required drastic changes to my habits.


We both know all of your last statements are fibs. Come on now, Back to the point... Eat less, move more. Small lifestyle changes, big prizes. Simple isn't it. X


Everyone does not need to diet. However those who do for many different reasons visit pages like this to get ideas on better meals and diet plans to help them with weight issues. Figured if I dumb it down you may have an increased ability to comprehend.


You keep calling me fat, then insisting that you don't. I didn't call out your grammar, but you've repeatedly questioned my language eloquence. If you'd paid a modicum of attention to any response but your own, you'd know that I am both more active and thinner than you. And, good job confusing the metaphorical with the literal.


Lol. 2 black eyes. Bullying. Let's get back to the point. Stop eating so much and move more. In predicted true fashion, it's either about spelling, grammar or some other deflection tactic... The only person that would give me a black eye is a HEAVY weight, so stop eating so much. Become an average weight, it's possible. You can do it. Hurry up. Mwah x


You keep thinking that I had to look up ways to insult you online. Not surprising, considering that you have no creativity and less intellect. Assholage? In this comment section, I am nothing but a reflection of you. I stepped in to stand up to the local bully. Your ego is probably too big for you to realize, but you have two black eyes and cotton up your nose. Besides, better boring than stupid.


Neutron star. Good one, no wait, pish reply. BOOOOOORRRRRING. actual made me yawn really hard there. Clowns pocket. You're clearly googling 'worst pishy replies ever'. Your assholage knowsknows no bounds! Must dash, got a fulfilling life to lead. Tara for now luvvy. BYEEEEEEE. Pmsl, lol and ilmfao. I'm right under your skin and crawling about it. Yayyyy. X


Dense as the core of a neutron star, are you? I'm not at all surprised that you thought I needed a thesaurus. Research - the kind done by actual scientists - shows that appetite compensates for exercise in most people. As a competitive cyclists with 7% body fat, I have personal experience with it. Now I expect your lengthy essay reply, because being concise is a sin when you are a narcissist.


N2y2, are you still here? McDonald's is that way >> Get a grip. Infact, go back to reading your thesaurus lol. " (You get fit in the gym; you lose weight at the dinner table)", Just laughed a low calorie snotter down my top lip. Was that an attempt at education? Getting away from the point again here! Incase you've missed the point... Eating too much, if you don't have a medical condition, makes you fat. Trust me, it's reality in all its glory. Go to a gym or don't, it's still eating. FACT FACT FACTFACT FACT FACTFACT FACT FACTFACT FACT FACT...... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND fact. So N2y2, whatever that name is. PEE AFF, you're only servicing other people's excuses to be fat and making it acceptable. You're question about corpulent (thesaurus), I think I'm 100% correct in saying that you're a burger fiend. Ni night x


Missed the point. Deflected the blame. Once again ignored the world from other's POV. And, you added the myth that you can exercise your self thin. (You get fit in the gym; you lose weight at the dinner table). Yup, you hit your usual low-lights.


I do not have a single clue if you are corpulent or not, not a single clue! Seeking a calorie restricted diet has many many benefits. I tend not to open my mouth about something I know nothing about. Yet again N2y2, you could not be more wrong. Keep all your assumptions coming about what I know, what I have studied, what I don't know etc etc etc.... My 'derriere' comment was not aimed directly at you, it was a comment for whoever might be reading. I will say this though, the people attacking the hard talk are the people that are fat and fat people who excuse fat. The rest are generally fasting intermittently for other health benefits like me. I don't do it to lose weight. I use my will power, apply common sense, jog, walk, attend a gym and don't eat like I'm going to drop dead of starvation! Change of attitude is all it takes. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. Don't over complicate it. Don't think about it. Just do it. 80% of it is putting your trainers on, the rest will take care of itself and NO, I don't mean that anyone can put their trainers on and sit on the couch all night. Isn't it sad that I actually have to explain that last part. No doubt someone will come back and say, I sat in my trainers for a month and nothing happened lol. Anyway N2y2, u started off on the right track, however I see now that you're 1 of the excusers albeit slightly more covert about it. I understand that I'm being attacked, this time, under a pseudonym. So, if you want to question everything literally whilst deflecting the real focus here, feel free, I won't stop. Stopping will fuel attitudes to diabetes, blindness, NHS costs and ultimately, untimely deaths. Why? A simple refusal to change the small things!


" get off your fat derriere..." Monsier believes me to be corpulent? Perhaps you think the only reason to seek a calorie-restricted diet is for weight loss? Now you are the one exhibiting the myopic ignorance of which you freely accuse. You should really look into the full research on partial fasting; it's about much more than shedding mass.


N2y2, finally, someone with a normal perspective. Unfortunately, the only thing that resonates with people is being frank. You get to the stage where pussy footing around people doesn't have any impact whatsoever. I started this discussion because Monica was being attacked for telling the truth. Then i got attacked. So, the real arses are the people who are fat and keep on excusing their own behaviour. Woe to anyone who doesn't molly codddle their every move that is causing the problem. I'm not stupid, I realise there are many factors involved. For the most part, it's a refusal to change. When anyone opposes their ways, you get told you can't spell lol. Another tactic at deflecting the truth. While someone has something to say contrary to what I am saying, I will not go away until they stop telling themselves lies and worse still, telling me lies and expecting me to swallow it as if I'm bloody stupid. So, bring it on. People keep saying it's not easy! Who said it was? No, you're right, it's not easy, so get off your fat derriere and make the same effort as everyone else who has grasped the non fat concept of eating well and moving more. Small easy yes EASY lifestyle changes will make a huge difference. Huge difference. Tell me I'm wrong, go on!!


Absolutely true. The only proven weight loss technique which is effective long-term is burning more energy than is consumed. However, there is more at play than just that. The appetite drive of individuals varies greatly. Some foods have been engineered to trigger more consumption. You've said elsewhere that it is easy to "stay away from the fridge". The evidence would suggest otherwise. Perhaps it is a simple thing for you, but until you've walked a mile... This 5:2 diet does not magically make fat melt. But it looks to have advantages in combating appetite and overeating. Early results have shown that it can reset insulin sensitivity and temper overactive cravings. That helps make it easier for a person to avoid the fridge on non-fasting days. Sure, there is little that is factually wrong with your comments here, but (saying this impartially) you are being a bit of an arse about how you are saying it.


You have to factor in someone's metabolism too, especially if they have thyroid issues. Makes a big difference how you approach food and exercise.

Brian Rivers

Brilliant, lost 3 stone in 4 months. Hard work but it worked thank you


I did this last year and lost 20 pounds. I found it very easy to do, but I also ate very healthy the other days. The first time I tried the fasting I did for 2 days in a row, and the 2nd day I felt very weak and my blood pressure was very low. So I changed it to eat normally on the day between fasting, i.e. Monday and Wednesday were my 2 days.


Thanks Roger, unfortunately it's not me that's correct, it's the scientific nutritionists who are. I wish you well. The hardest step is admitting it.

Roger Strand

Sadly i have to admit, you are 100% correct in your statements. I have now quit smoking, and crave for food. Second i move less after retirement. I never gained a pound in my entire life until now... I can't move much anymore, so - i find another way to controle my stomach . Diet is nice.

Brassfield Zendejas

I learn about diet thanks to WooPep.

Brigida Reichert

You can use WooPep instructions to learn about diet guys.


ive been eating healthy my whole life, i dont like sweets i LOVE VEGGIES. I excersize and i wiegh 30 overwieght. stop being ignorant


If I tried to do something like this on fast days I'd lose my mind. I just fast from the time I wake up until dinner. The hunger really isn't that bad, right after the time I usually eat lunch (I never eat breakfast) my brain and stomach start to revolt, but if I just keep myself busy it passes. At dinner I have soup or salad. It's often under 300 calories. Tonight I had 200 calories of chicken soup. I'll be fine until tomorrow, when I'll just eat normally. Eating something salty makes a big difference because it helps with your electrolytes Also, zero calorie or low calorie beverages help trick your brain into thinking you've consumed something. Same with sugar free gum.

Reality Cheque

I'm gong to be real honest... there is no such thing as a slow metabolism, for the VAST majority of the population. Leave your special snowflake syndrome at the door and get off your ass.


The way I read the 5:2 Fast Diet, you can't have any carbs on Fast Days yet many of these recipes have Potatoes and Pasta in them?????


Thank you Bev

Bev Carter

Well said

Sharon Burress

Check out the Optimal Keto Living group on Facebook. They have a macro chart there that helped me go from NO-Go to losing part of a pound every day consistently.


I think this is quite an irresponsible article. Less than 200kcals for dinner is not healthy!


I'm not fat, but you really are an arse... "Pussy footing" is not the way, but neither is being a douche... What people thrive on is encouragement 😜


Why is this called comments when it is just nit picking?


I lost 26 lbs on the 5:2 diet in 6 months. I am now off the diet but I have learned to accept occasional hunger for short periods during the day.. I have lost another 2 lbs in the month since I stopped the diet.


I really like the concept of this diet! After I lost 12 kilos on dr Simeons diet with Anat Stern , I make fast days with 500 calories once in every 2-3 weeks, because I really like sweets and can not resist those, so I do 500 calories days in order to maintain my new weight and still eat all those tasty things, and it works!


It's not just "refusal to change". Studies show that in your spit, there is anti-depressive enzyms (sorry if some of my spelling is wrong, I'm not from an English speaking country :) ). It's not always "easy" to just stay away from the fridge. Especially if you get judged a lot, you feel more depressed and eating wil activate those anti-depressives. So yes definatly more out than in! You are very right there :), however there is more to it..

Greg Lupus

Check out new free calorie counter app FITATU! You won't regret it!


Interesting that everyone here is having such detailed judgey conversations. Did anyone notice that the links dont actually go to the proper recipes i.e. Moroccan root tagine with couscous?


which app do you mean?

Madeleine Joiner

Allan seriously go and do some proper research and no The Daily Mail doesn't count!

Madeleine Joiner

Nice know it all attitude, hope you don't deal with the public in your real life.

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