Tiger cupcakes

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Tiger cupcakes


  • 120g orange modelling paste
  • 60g white fondant
  • 30g black fondant
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Clear Chinese noodles
  • Black edible ink pen

Love animal cupcakes? Try this tiger design from our cupcake queen Victoria Threader.

With step-by-step pictures you'll have these creative and fun toppers ready in no time. A batch of 12 cupcakes should take between 10-15 mins to make and the tiger toppers should take around 20 mins.

These tiger cupcakes are great for beginners as they're not too fiddly and use only a few pieces of fondant.

Cupcake toppers are a great to decorate your cakes as you can make them weeks in advance and store them in cardboard boxes until you need them. You can also add them to all different types of cupcake sponges - chocolate, lemon, carrot - the choic is yours!

Fondant can be bought in most supermarkets in the cake decorating aisle. 

 These cupcakes would make the perfect treat for a jungle-themed party.


  • Deep muffin pan with 12 brown cupcake cases
  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush
  • 15mm heart cutter
  • 55mm cat head cutter
  • Piping bag with Wilton 2A nozzle
  • Drying sponge or greaseproof paper for drying

Step 1

Make your cupcake using our basic cupcake recipe and leave to cool.

Once cooled add the Wilton 2A nozzle to a piping bag and pipe a swirl of vanilla buttercream on each cupcake.


Step 2

Roll the orange modelling paste out to 1/8 of an inch thick and cut 12x cat heads, leaving them to dry on a large drying sponge or greaseproof paper.


Step 3

Roll the white fondant out to 1/6 of an inch thick and cut 12x cat heads. Using the same cutter upside down, cut a section off for the chin and stick on with a brush of water.


Step 4

Roll the black fondant to 1/8 of an inch thick and cut 12x hearts. Stick them onto the white fondant with a brush of water.


Step 5

Add two tiny dots of water above the nose and stick 2 sugar pearls on for the eyes.


Step 6

To add the smile, push the cat cutter into the fondant under the nose. Add two dimples at each end with a small ball tool.


Step 7

Draw triangle shapes around the outside of the head using the black edible pen.


Step 8

Cut the Chinese noodles to length for the whiskers and poke them into the fondant, 3 on each side.


Step 9

Leave the toppers to dry for a couple of hours before placing one on each cupcake.

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