Free bake sale signs and labels

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Bake sale signs
Want to make your bake sale extra special? Want to make sure all your cakes and bakes are labelled correctly and look the part? Download our free bake sale signs and labels and get creative!


When it comes to bake sales we know that image is everything - you want your table to look good covered in delicious goodies and you want your cakes and bakes to sell. Look no further! With our colourful and easy to download signs and labels, you'll be the talk of the bake sale community.


You can print off as many bake sale posters and labels as you like and they're free to download too. All you have to do is get some Blu-Tack for sticking up those posters and some string to tie on your labels - it's that simple!


How to download: Just click on any of the images below, to open printable PDFs of each poster or label.


Happy baking!


Download our free bake sale sign




Download our free bake sale labels: tags




Download our free bake sale labels: circles






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