Bumble bee cupcakes

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Bumble bee cupcakes


  • 200g yellow fondant (or white fondant coloured with yellow food colouring)
  • 40g black fondant
  • 10g white fondant
  • 30g white modelling paste
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Black edible food colour pen
  • 1tbsp royal icing sugar and a few drop of water
  • Rose petal dust

These super sweet bumble bee cupcakes are so easy to make - the kids are going to love helping you create their cute faces.

Animal cupcakes are a speciality of our cupcake queen Victoria Threader and these bumble bee cupcakes will brighten up any party or buffet spread.

If you've never worked with decorating fondant, these cupcakes are a good place to start. The simple design will give you confidence to try one of our more complex designs.

These cakes are made with a simple vanilla sponge mix but you can substitute it for lemon, carrot or chocolate sponge if you wish.

Fondant and modelling paste can be found in most supermarkets in the cake decorating aisle. If you're an unable to find coloured fondant you could colour white fondant yourself using food colouring.


  • Deep muffin pan with 12 polka dot cases
  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush
  • Sharp knife
  • 68mm circle cookie cutter
  • 1cm circles cutter for the eyes
  • 25mm heart cutter
  • Ribbon cutter (optional)

Step 1

Make up a batch of our basic cupcakes and allow to cool.


Step 2

Whip up our classic vanilla buttercream and spread a layer on the cupcakes with a palette knife.


Step 3

Roll the yellow fondant to 1/8 thick and cut 12x 68mm circles, placing them over the buttercream, smoothing to a dome with the tips of your fingers.


Step 4

Roll the black fondant to 1/16 thick and cut 1cm strips for the stripes.


Step 5

Lay 3 black strips over the yellow fondant. You can bow the stripes slightly to give it a round effect. Trim the ends with a sharp knife.


Step 6

For the eyes, roll 10g of white fondant and cut 24x 5mm circles for the eyes. Use a brush of water to stick the eyes onto the cakes and then the black sugar pearls for the pupils.


Step 7

For the wings, roll the white modelling paste quite thin, about 1mm, and cut 24x heart shapes. Stick one on top of the other, making sure you can see the back heart, this gives you a 3D effect. Leave to dry on a drying sponge or greaseproof paper for about 30 minutes.


Step 8

Draw a little smile onto the face with an edible black food marker.


Step 9

To stick the wings on, mix the royal icing sugar together with a few drops of water to make a thick paste. Put a blob at the top of the bee where you would like the wings to go, leave it to dry for about 3 minutes then stick the wings on.


Step 10

Finish your cupcakes with rose petal dust cheeks using a small paint brush. Leave the cakes to dry fully before serving them or turning them on their sides.

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