Baby boy cupcakes

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Baby boy cupcakes


  • 125g blue modelling paste
  • 125g white modelling paste
  • 30g skin tone fondant
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Edible pens
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Rose petal dust

Congratulations Kate and Wills! We bet there'll be a few cakes like these baked for the new little prince. If you or a loved one are expecting a baby boy, these baby boy cupcakes are perfect. You can personalise your cupcakes to make them extra special for the bouncing newborn.

Choose whatever cupcake flavour you like, chocolate, lemon, carrot or plain vanilla sponge. Each topper is made from modelling fondant which can be found in most supermarkets in the cake decorating aisle or bought online.

The cupcake toppers can be made weeks in advance as long as they are kept in a breathable cardboard cake box. If you keep them in a standard tupperware box, they'll sweat and won't look as pretty.

This recipe should take 1hr and 35 mins to decorate. This recipe makes 12 toppers, 4 baby faces, 4 bibs and 4 'baby boy' cakes.

Are you or a loved one having a girl? Don't worry, we've got baby girl step-by-step cupcakes too!


  • Deep muffin pan with 12 baking cups
  • Piping bag with Wilton 6b nozzle (optional)
  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush
  • Sharp knife
  • 68mm wavy cookie cutters
  • 5mm, 42mm and 58mm circle cookie cutter
  • 50mm scalloped and 30mm plain oval cutter
  • 10mm heart cutter
  • ‘It’s a boy’ embossers and acrylic block
  • Very fine paint brush
  • FPC Sugarcraft Tiny Detail mould
  • Fmm scallop tool
  • Pin tool or cocktail stick
  • Woollen texture mat

Step 1

Make up a batch of our basic cupcakes and allow to cool.

Whip up our classic vanilla buttercream and either pipe a swirl onto the cakes or spread a layer with a palette knife.


Step 2

To make the bonnet, roll the blue modelling paste out to 1/6 of an inch thick and emboss with the woollen texture mat by rolling your rolling pin over the top of the pattern onto the paste.

Cut 4x 68mm wavy circles for the bonnet and place them on a drying sponge or greaseproof paper.


Step 3

Roll the skin tone fondant out to 1/6 of an inch thick and cut 4x 52mm circles for the face.


Step 4

Use the 5mm circle cutter to cut eyes from the white modelling paste, cutting and then flattening with the tip of your finger before sticking it on the face.

Use the same cutter to cut blue circles but don’t flatten these, just stick them with a brush of water onto the white circles, adding black sugar pearl to the centre.


Step 5

For the nose, roll a small ball of skin tone fondant and stick in the centre of the face, and then use the scallop tool to add a smile.

With a brush of water, stick the faces to the bonnet. Mould a bow using the tiny decorations mould and stick under the chin. Finally blush the cheeks with the rose petal dust and a soft brush.


Step 6

To make the ‘It’s a boy’ topper, roll the white modelling paste out to 1/6 of an inch thick and cut 4x 68mm wavy circles.

Roll the blue modelling paste out to 1/6 of an inch thick and lightly grease the top of the paste and the embossing stamp, stamp the ‘It’s a boy’ onto the top of the fondant and the use the 52mm circle cutter to cut around the words, making sure the words are at the bottom.

If you don't have an embossing stamp you could carve the words onto the fondant with a sharp knife or edible ink pen.


Step 7

To make the bunting, cut tiny triangles and colour with the edible pens and leave to dry. Roll tiny sausage shapes for the string of the bunting, sticking with a touch of water along the top of the circle, trimming at the ends. Stick on the triangles, once dried.


Step 8

Paint the embossed words using silver lustre dust mixed with white alcohol, and then stick the blue circle onto the white wavy circles and leave to dry on the drying sponge or greaseproof paper.


Step 9

For the bibs, roll the blue modelling paste out to 1/6 of an inch thick and cut 4x 68mm wavy circles. Roll the white modelling paste and cut 4x 52mm circles and stick onto the blue.

Roll the blue modelling paste out and cut 4x 50mm scalloped ovals. Roll the white modelling paste out and cut 4x 30mm plain ovals and stick on to the blue.

To make the tiny holes, push in a pin tool or cocktail stick into all the scallops. Cut a section away with the 30mm oval cutter. Push the 2 top ends around at the top and stick on the white topper.

To make the bow, roll a tiny ball of pink paste and stick it onto the join at the top, then roll 2 tiny sausages and mark with a cocktail stick and stick to either side of the ball of paste for the bow effect.

Finish by cutting out 4x 10mm hearts and stick them onto the bibs.


Step 10

Place the finished toppers onto the iced cupcakes and enjoy!

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