Make with kids: Colour-in cupcakes

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Colouring cupcakes


  • 150g of white modelling paste for the toppers
  • Edible Art Pens - eg Food Doodler Edible Pens
  • 68mm circle cookie cutter

These colouring cupcakes are the perfect way to keep your kids entertained in the kitchen! They can colour each topper using edible art pens and eat their designs afterwards.

These cupcakes will take 30 mins to bake and 30 mins to cool completely. This recipe makes 12 regular sized cupcakes.

From flowers to animals, your kids can get creative with these fun cupcakes. They'll love showing off their designs to their friends too.


  • Deep muffin pan with 12 baking cups
  • Piping bag with Wilton 6b Nozzle (optional)
  • Rolling pin
  • Drying sponge

Step 1

The night before Ė Roll the white modelling paste out to 2mm thick and cut 12 x 68mm circles, leaving them to air dry overnight.


Step 2

Make a batch of cupcakes using our basic cupcake recipe, allow to cool and top with our vanilla buttercream.


Step 3

While you are waiting for the cupcakes to cool, draw pictures with the black edible marker onto the white toppers. Donít worry if you are not good at drawing, itís pretty easy to do this by tracing an image and then using a blunt toothpick to outline the design onto the icing. The children might like to draw their own pictures too.


Step 4

Get the children to colour the pictures with the edible pens.


Step 5

Add the finished coloured toppers to the iced cupcakes.

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I got pens call 'Foodoodler Edible food colouring markers' Oreapink. You will find them on Ebay and Amazon just pop the name into the search box. Hope that helps Victoria


What make are the thick edible marker pens as have never seen them before!

Eleni Van-Burn

definitely worth a go....will do this in one of my baking workshops.


What a brilliant idea - will definately try this out with my granddaughters!

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