Alien cupcakes

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Alien cupcakes


  • 200g of modelling paste (leave 20g white for the eyes)
  • Various food colours
  • Black sugar pearls for the eyes
  • A batch of our basic cupcakes and buttercream

Everyone likes cupcakes and everyone likes cute character cupcakes even more. These little alien faces are easy to make the day before they are needed and the kids will have fun colouring the icing and thinking of lots of funny faces to make. They can be made in however many colours you like, we think the more colours and faces the better!


  • Deep muffin pan
  • 12 purple baking cases
  • Rolling pin
  • Drying sponge
  • 65, 30, 20, 5mm circle cutters for the eyes and head
  • Cuttlebug tiny bubbles embossing folder for the scales (optional)
  • Sharp knife
  • Oval cutter for the mouth. You could use a dessert spoon if you don’t have one
  • Small ball tool for the mouth

Step 1

Roll the coloured paste to 2mm thick, emboss with the bubbles folder and then cut 12 coloured circles using the 65mm cutter.


Step 2

For the smiles – Push the oval cutter into the paste at the bottom of the circles and use the small ball tool at the corners of the smile.


Step 3

For the eyes – Roll the white paste out and cut various sized circles for the eyes and stick the black sugar pearls on to the white with a brush of water. Don’t worry if you don’t have circle cutters, you could roll small balls of paste and then squash them flat with the tip of your finger.


Step 4

For the orange Alien, roll the leftover orange paste and cut two thin strips for the stalks for the eyes. Stick white circles at the ends with a brush of water and then stick the black sugar pearls on for the pupils. Brush some water on the bottom of the strips and stick the head on top.


Step 5

Leave the toppers to dry overnight, this helps the paste harden and stops it from drooping over the buttercream. The next day make the cupcakes and buttercream and ice with a Wilton 6B nozzle.


Step 6

Place the toppers on to the finished cupcakes.

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