Mummy cupcakes

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Mummy cupcake


Make these spooky mummy cupcakes for Halloween this year. With our simple step-by-step picture recipe you'll have these creative toppers made in no time. You don't have to just pop them on top of cupcakes - add them to larger cakes or even biscuits and turn them into Haloween showstoppers!


  • Deep muffin pan
  • 12 black and white spot baking cups
  • Rolling pin
  • 6cm Russian Doll cutter
  • Sharp knife
  • Black edible food marker
  • Stone embossing mat
  • 68mm circle cookie cutter

Step 1

The night before you need them, or longer as they keep really well in a cardboard box, mix 10g of black fondant into the white paste to make grey. Don't mix the black in fully to give the colour a stony effect. Roll using the stone embosser and cut 12 x 68mm circles and leave them to dry on a drying sponge.

Step 2

Roll and cut 12 x 60mm Russian doll shapes from the remainder of the black fondant.

Step 3

Using the coloured confetti sprinkles, add two on each cut out for eyes and draw on pupils with the edible marker.

Step 4

Add shoes with a pin tool or cocktail stick

Step 5

Roll the white fondant to 2mm thick and cut thin strips of fondant for bandages. Add strips over the cut out making sure you leave the eye uncovered.

Step 6

Place the Mummy on the grey stone topper and arrange the bandages so it looks like a mouth.

Step 7

Bake and ice the cupcakes and place the finished toppers on the cupcakes.

Step 8

Your cupcakes are now ready to be served. Perfect for a spooky Halloween party! 

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