Halloween worm cupcakes

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Halloween worm cupcakes


Create these gruesome Halloween worm cupcakes for the kids this October. They're much easier to make than you may think!

Each chocolate cupcake is dusted with crushed chocolate biscuits and topped with fudge worms moulded and shaped with your hands. These cupcakes should take about 20-30 mins to decorate.

Each worm is made from fudge which is actually easy to mould and work with using this technique.

This recipe makes chocolate cupcakes, but you could opt for your favourite instead like vanilla. Just decorate with chocolate buttercream and crushed biscuits to get the dirt effect.


  • Pin tool or cocktail stick
  • Rolling pin
  • Sandwich bag

Step 1

Start by baking the chocolate cupcakes. Leave to cool.


Step 2

Ice the cupcakes by placing a fair sized blob in the middle of the cupcake and patting the top until the icing reaches the paper cases.


Step 3

Place the chocolate biscuits in the sandwich bag and crush the bag with a rolling pin until you have crumbs.


Step 4

Place the crumbs into a dish and push the cupcakes into the crumbs so they stick onto the buttercream.


Step 5

To make the worms, knead and roll each piece of fudge until you have long worms. Using a cocktail stick or pin tool emboss little lines along the worm and place it onto the chocolate crumbs.


Step 6

Weave a few into the chocolate crumbs and around the other worms if you like too. Your cupcakes are ready to be served!

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