Angel cake decorations

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Angel cake decorations


  • 25g white modelling paste
  • 5g skin tone modelling paste (made by adding a small amount of orange food colouring to the white paste)
  • 5g red fondant
  • 2g grey modelling paste
  • 2g yellow fondant
  • 160g blue modelling paste
  • Black ball sprinkles (nonpareil) for the eyes
  • Silver and pearl food colour pens
  • Edible glitter for the wings

These angelic little figures would look perfect popped on top of any Christmas bake. With just a few simple steps and a little patience you can easily make these Christmas cake decorations in no time.

These last up to 6 months so you can save yourself time by making them before you need them to save you time. Just remember to store them in a breathable cake box somewhere cool.

This recipe makes one angel, so simply multiply the quantities if you want to make more.

By Victoria Threader


  • 40mm daisy cutter
  • Sharp knife
  • 10mm heart cutter
  • Pin tool or cocktail stick
  • Drinking straw
  • Cone tool
  • Soft brush for the cheeks
  • Strand of dried spaghetti

Step 1

For the halo: Take a tiny piece of grey modelling paste and roll a long really thin sausage (about 6cm long). Bend in half to make the loop and then roll the ends together. Dry the halos on the edge of a sponge for around 2 hours.


Step 2

For the body: Roll about 15g of white modelling paste into a ball and roll one end into a cone shape. Push the dried spaghetti down the centre which will support the head. Use a pin tool or cocktail stick to make the pattern around the bottom of the dress.


Step 3

For the collar: Cut a 5mm blossom flower and push it down the spaghetti for the collar. Paint the body with pearl paint and the collar with silver.


Step 4

For the sleeves: Roll a small ball of fondant into a sausage shape and cut in half diagonally so they fit well to the body. Push the cone tool into the end of the arm to make a hole for the hands. With a brush of water attach the arms to the body.


Step 5

For the hands: Roll 2 small balls of skin tone paste, then roll one end to make it a cone shape. Push the end of the cone flat with your finger and cut a section out for the thumb. Using a sharp knife, cut 3 lines to make the fingers. Soften the edges with your finger. Add the hands to the end of the sleeves with a brush of water.

For the heart: Roll out a little red fondant and cut out a heart shape, using your cutter. Brush each side with little water and attach between your angel's hands.


Step 6

For the head: Roll a small ball of skin tone paste. Cut a plastic drinking straw in half and use it to add a smile. Add a tiny ball of paste for the nose and two black sprinkles for the eyes.


Step 7

For the hair: Roll tiny balls of yellow fondant and stick them to the head with a brush of water.


Step 8

Attaching the halo: Before the fondant dries too much, brush with water and stick the dried halo to the back of the head. Trim the spaghetti on the body so it is no longer than the head and push the head onto the body.


Step 9

To make the wings: Roll the white modelling paste out to 2mm thick and cut out a daisy. With a sharp knife trim the 4 petals off the bottom and then cut the daisy in half. Angle the tips of the wings down on each side with the tip of your finger, lightly brush with water and then add a touch of edible glitter. With a brush of water make the edge of the wings sticky, stick the wings to the back of the angel. You can lie the angel down while the wings dry if it makes it easier.


Step 10

Brush the cheeks with dusky pink petal dust, if using.

Step 11

Add the finished topper to your cakes.

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