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James Martin is back on our screens with a brand new series and we're rather excited - are you? Not only do we get to see his delicious comfort food recipes - we also get sneak peek around his home!

The highlight of our Saturdays are spent curled up in front of the TV watching James Martin's Saturday Kitchen Live (we're sure we're not the only ones, ladies?) so when we heard that we were in for another dose of James Martin, we couldn't resist finding out more.

What's on the menu for this series?

In these cold and wet winter months, warm comforting food is high on the menu for most people and James is here to help. Comfort food recipes aren't fancy and they certainly aren't pretty but with Mr Martin at the helm, we can guarantee they're going to be rather delicious.

Week one

Here's some of the delicious comfort foods James is making this week...
  • Monday: Chicken and mushroom pie and slow-cooked spare ribs
  • Tuesday: Beef and red wine pie, chicken fricassee and homemade marshmallows
  • Wednesday: Toad in the hole with onion gravy and blackberry and apple millefeuille
  • Thursday: Chicken escalope and ice box cake
  • Friday: Squid with dipping sauce and tapas of chicken wings and wedges

Try our versions of James' classics:

Week two

We're in for a treat this week with plenty more mouth-watering recipes...
  • Monday:  Fish, chips and mushy peas and Thai chilli beef
  • Tuesday: Jacket potato skins and chocolate and clementine pudding
  • Wednesday: Ham hock and tartiflette
  • Thursday: Thai crab risotto, steak and chips and a homemade Bernaise sauce
  • Friday: Roast shoulder of pork, bacon sandwich and beef noodle soup

Try our versions of James' classics:

Week three

It's James' last week of home comforts. What's on the menu?
  • Monday: Prawn cocktail, roast lamb with homemade mint jelly and vanilla-cured salmon
  • Tuesday: Slow-cooked chicken chasseur and pork loin stuffed with chestnuts and sage
  • Wednesday: Macaroni cheese, tomato soup and white chocolate and whisky croissant pudding
  • Thursday: Squash and lime soup and a vitamin-packed poached haddock with egg
  • Friday: Beef Wellington, custard souffle and passion fruit delice

Try our versions of James' classics:


James Martin's Home Comforts started Monday 17th February, and is on every weekday at 3.45pm, BBC One.

We caught up with James Martin to get all his top tips for family meals, comfort food and more. See what he had to say in our video below...


Classic comfort food recipes from James Martin:

Get the recipe: Cottage pie

Get the recipe: Beef stew with dumplings

Get the recipe: Apple and blackberry crumble

More James Martin recipes (including this New York raspberry cheesecake!)

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Jennifer Jackson

Where is the recipe for Ham Hock Tartifelette

Sita Meena McNay



Hello! We don't have all the recipes from James Martin's programmes. You should be able to find them on the BBC's website though, as detailed in the programme. This is the recipe we have that's most similar: so you could use this recipe and switch the chicken for crab meat and milk for double cream for a similar flavour.


Still cannot find the recipe for Sweetcorn and Crab soup, even on the BBC website. Tried the Chicken fricassee recipe tonight, disgusting, have thrown it in the bin. Although I like watching the program, James Martin is a heart attack waiting to happen. All that butter, cream and bacon fat, yuk!


Watching the TV programme, as I like the historic dishes with Ivan Day, Now Ivan can cooks and presents well so why do we have Mr Martin's constant voice-over? Aaarrggg.

Lynne Phillips

Hi I would like to know is there going to be a book out to include all these lovely recipes?


Hi Sue. These are just the James Martin recipes we have on the goodtoknow website. You can probably find all the recipes from last night's programme on the BBC website.


Where are the recipes for chicken fricassee and sweetcorn and crab soup? At the end of the program James says to get all recipes go to bbc/food website, surely these programs a pre-recorded, so they should all be there!

Joy Webb

Where does James buy his beef stock I note it is ready made


What about the other recipes, James made in his Day 2 program Sweetcorn with crab soup, There is no recipe just 4 only. Whats going on???

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