How to make homemade peanut butter - with just one ingredient!

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Homemade peanut butter


To make 250g peanut butter
  • 200g salted peanuts
  • Honey
  • Salt

We love peanut butter. On toast, in sandwiches, in bakes, peanut butter will  make everything taste better. But did you know just how easy it is to make peanut butter yourself? You'll be surprised!

We show you how to make peanut butter in the comfort of your own home - all you need is some peanuts and a food processor! You can add honey and salt to your peanut butter to suit your tastes but we found that all you really need is those tasty peanuts.


  • Food processor

Step 1

First sterilise your jar(s). Read our handy guide for how to sterilise jars and bottles.

Step 2

Place your peanuts into your food processor with the knife blade attached.

Step 3

Whizz the peanuts until they begin to form a smooth paste. You will need to use a spatula to scrape it from the edges of the bowl.

Step 4

When it has reached the desired consistency you can add honey and salt to taste, if required. Whizz again to combine the ingredients.

Step 5

If you prefer your peanut butter crunchy, you can add a few crushed nuts at this stage.

Step 6

Scoop out the peanut butter, with the spatula, into your sterilised jar.

Step 7

And your super easy peanut butter is ready! It will last in the fridge for around 4 weeks.

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