Homemade Bounty bars

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  • 200g desiccated coconut
  • 1 can condensed milk (397g)
  • 200g milk or plain chocolate

Do you love chocolate bars? Have you ever thought of making your own versions at home? Homemade bounty bars are so easy to make - you only need 3 ingredients!

The sweet coconut filling is not as hard to make as you might think, a simple combination of coconut and condensed milk will recreate the filling of the classic chocolate bar.

This recipe makes roughly 10 small bars.


Step 1

Pour the condensed milk over the coconut and stir until evenly mixed.


Step 2

Grab handfuls of the coconut mixture and shape into bars - you can make them as big or as small as you like. Arrange on a lined baking tray or piece of greaseproof paper and allow to set in the fridge. The coconut will not go too firm but it will hold it's shape.


Step 3

Melt the chocolate, either on the hob or in the microwave, and allow to cool. Spoon the chocolate over the coconut bars and leave on a wire rack to harden. Place a plate under the wire rack to catch excess chocolate. Once a little set, put onto some greaseproof paper and place in the fridge to set.


Step 4

And there you have your finished Bounty bars - they couldn't be easier!

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