Homemade Bounty bars

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  • 200g desiccated coconut
  • 1 can condensed milk (397g)
  • 200g milk or plain chocolate

Do you love chocolate bars? Have you ever thought of making your own versions at home? Homemade bounty bars are so easy to make - you only need 3 ingredients!

The sweet coconut filling is not as hard to make as you might think, a simple combination of coconut and condensed milk will recreate the filling of the classic chocolate bar.

This recipe makes roughly 10 small bars.


Step 1

Pour the condensed milk over the coconut and stir until evenly mixed.


Step 2

Grab handfuls of the coconut mixture and shape into bars - you can make them as big or as small as you like. Arrange on a lined baking tray or piece of greaseproof paper and allow to set in the fridge. The coconut will not go too firm but it will hold it's shape.


Step 3

Melt the chocolate, either on the hob or in the microwave, and allow to cool. Spoon the chocolate over the coconut bars and leave on a wire rack to harden. Place a plate under the wire rack to catch excess chocolate. Once a little set, put onto some greaseproof paper and place in the fridge to set.


Step 4

And there you have your finished Bounty bars - they couldn't be easier!

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Mixture is way too runny, once you pour the molten chocolate over it it will just go all over the place and definitely not harden like it does in the pictures. Rack just means that of the bars you put on you will have only little bits left that actually stays on the rack. Right now I have a freezer, cooker and counter covered in a disgusting sticky mess of chocolate, condensed milk and coconut. And where it takes 3 hours to even slightly harden in the freezer, for some reason it stuck to the counter immediately and is very hard to remove. Besides that, of the mixture that I managed to save there are now just some balls sitting in the freezer that are also already starting to melt into puddles because this recipe has too much condensed milk, which apparently does NOT freeze into shape.


I made these and I think I used too much condensed milk and I then found it difficult to mould into any shape I ended up with something that resembled a volcano starting to erupt it was my own fault I think would anyone agree and any suggestions please.

Sheila Ingram

okay.... i have a video playing but cant see it, why?


Great. I tried it... just love it :)


i have made these again as my son ate last batch..... i do put mizture in fridge then coat my hand with icing sugar to mould...... then in fridge again overnite .... delicious


21 days, or 69 in the fridge


TLDR: 1) The mixture needs to be firmer. Either have more coconut around OR use evaporated milk instead and then add icing sugar (unless you like diabetes in which case stick with condensed). 2) Use a tray with grease-proof paper not a rack. 3) Make smaller bars and buy way more chocolate as the surface area increases. Sorry saga: I feel mean but I have to warn people about this recipe before it knocks some other hapless cook's confidence. This went horribly, horribly wrong. Despite soaking over night (using the specified 397g tin and 200g coconut) the mixture wasn't firm enough. I read the comment about adding icing sugar but I didn't want to make it any sweeter so stuck to the recipe - Big mistake! I tried making the 10 bars mentioned but the structural integrity kept collapsing when I picked them up, so I made 12 instead. This appeared to work so I started dipping the bars and placing them on the wire rack as detailed. By the time I was dipping number 4 or 5, number 1 had morphed its way through the rack like a scene out of Terminator 2. It's almost impossible to rescue the white coconut content once mixed in with chocolate without it looking unappealing. Panicked I chucked my coconut bars to into the freezer for many hours in a vain attempt to stop the ooze. I don't know the scientific reasons but the condensed milk didn't freeze it remained sticky, viscous and a nightmare to handle. In the end I had to paint the chocolate on one side at a time, waiting for the chocolate to harden in-between. Not only did this take forever (6 sides times twelve bars) but the slow process resulted in the chocolate hardening constantly. So I kept reheating the chocolate... Experience cooks will know this is a quick way to badly tempered chocolate. I am not experienced and had no idea that my chocolate would have the thermal resistant properties of a snowflake. It melted as soon as you touched it making it horrible to pick-up and eat. I have since learned that chocolate can be given different melting points based on the temperature you melt, cool and then slightly reheat it at. Something to do with crystal structures, regardless it meant some bars had to be redone :( In the end they were OK but not worth the days of effort and crushing disappointment of screwing up a three ingredient recipe.


How long do they keep for

Marlene Motteram

I must make these I love bounty


oh dear why haven't i tried it yet??

Emma Grady

I have to follow a Paleo diet, due to a health condition, but I swapped the evaporated milk for canned coconut milk (full fat). I didn't use all the can (left about 1-2 inch at the bottom), I then added a table spoon of agave nectar and some vanilla essence (a good brand without added sugars etc). I then used 85% dark chocolate to cover them with and I have to say they were delicious! Thank you :)


Gotta try this, but with dark chocolate, please.


I made these yesterday and they are amazing!! Brought them with me to work this morning and they were gone by 9.30am, will definitely make these again. My coconut mix seemed a bit too soft so i added some Icing sugar to firm them up a little. I also left them in the fridge overnight and just coated them in the chocolate this morning. Taste even better than shop bought Bounty!!

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