Easter lunch menus: Spring roast dinner ideas for everyone

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St Clements Roast Lamb
Looking for inspiration for your family Easter lunch? We're here to help! We've created some delicious menu ideas to suit all tastes - from a tender roast chicken to a mouth-watering side of salmon. We've got lots of delicious recipes to inspire your Easter lunch this year

Easter is the perfect excuse to get the family round for a feast. It can be hard to decide what to make for everyone, especially if you've got fussy eaters or vegetarians in the family - that's where we come in.

We've chosen the perfect recipe combinations for each meat including a suitable side and healthy vegetable option. We've also included alternatives, if you don't fancy a classic roast but still want to serve the same meat. If that's not enough, we've even got a budget menu for those of you watching the pennies this Easter!

Easter lunch: Vegetarian

Easter lunch: Under £10







Honey glazed carrots with parsley Total for this menu: £6.27

Easter lunch: Vegetarian alternative

Easter lunch: Under £10 alternative

Mary Berry's shepherd's pie dauphinois Total for this alternative: £9.65


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