Carrot cake decorations

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Carrot cake decorations


  • 36g orange fondant
  • 10g green fondant

These classic decorations are perfect for popping on top of carrot cakes, carrot muffins or little carrot cupcakes. However, if you donít fancy a carrot flavoured bake then we think these are pretty cute looking on whatever baking you happen to have made.

How about using them to decorate Easter-themed bakes? Using very few ingredients and taking moments to make, you can have these made easily while your cakes bake.


  • Cocktail stick
  • Sharpe knife
  • Water Brush

Step 1

Start with a 3g ball of orange fondant and a little green fondant in two different shades.


Step 2

Roll the orange fondant into a carrot shape and, using the cocktail stick, add small lines across the carrot and a hole in the top.


Step 3

Roll the green fondant into long green sausage shapes.


Step 4

Cut them into sections of 4 and roll one end to a point.


Step 5

Using the water brush, glue the point of the green stem with a little water into the carrot and arrange the finished carrots on top of your cake.

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