Football cupcakes

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Football cupcakes


  • 90g modelling paste
  • 90g white fondant
  • 20g black fondant

These football cupcakes are really easy to make and are perfect for football themed kids' parties or even for the World Cup celebrations. Choose your favourite cupcake flavour and top each with a creative fondant football.

Make these cake decorations in advance and pop on top of your cooled cupcakes when you want to serve them.

This recipe uses modelling paste and fondant for a sweet flavour and professional finish and makes 12 toppers.


  • Knife
  • 80mm cookie cutter
  • Cocktail stick
  • Rolling pin

Step 1

Make the toppers at least 6 hours in advance. Draw or print a 24mm x 22mm pentagon on to paper. Cut the pentagon out and trace onto a piece of plastic packaging and cut it out to make a template.


Step 2

Make one topper at a time so the fondant doesn’t dry out in between assembling. Roll the black fondant out to 1mm thick and use the template to cut 6 pentagons per cupcake.


Step 3

Mix the modelling paste and white fondant together. When rolling white or any light coloured fondant, use a spare piece of white fondant to wipe the board/work surface to catch any flecks of dust.

Roll out to 2mm thick and cut a circle using an 80mm cookie cutter. Place it onto the doming sponge to dry.


Step 4

Starting in the centre stick the pentagons on with a brush of water, placing them evenly down around the bottom edge in line with the points on the centre pentagon. Trim the bottoms with a sharp knife if you need to.


Step 5

Add the stitching by using a cocktail stick around the shapes and creating the edges of the hexagons in between. Leave the toppers dry for about 6 hours (or longer if stored in a cardboard cake box).


Step 6

Make your cupcakes - you can use our basic cupcake recipe and for buttercream, you can use our basic buttercream recipe.

When the cakes are completely cool, add a dessert spoonful of frosting in the centre on the cupcakes and add the dried toppers to the tops.


Step 7

Your cupcakes are ready to be served. Come on England!

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Hi What if i can't find foam ball? can i use styrofoam instead? hope for your reply. thanks

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