How to make Halloween fang cake decorations

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  • 22g white fondant
  • 22g white modelling paste
  • 24x small white marshmallows
  • 2tbsp good quality raspberry jam
  • Small piece of fondant for catching the dust

Learn how to make Halloween fang cake decorations for your Halloween cupcakes this year. With gruesome blood made from jam, you can make these cupcakes in no time thanks to our easy step-by-step picture and video recipe.


  • 1x batch of cupcakes
  • 1x batch of buttercream
  • Piping bag
  • Parchment paper piping bag or a sandwich bag with the corner snipped off
  • Wilton 1B nozzle
  • Sharp knife
  • Small plastic glass
  • Cocktail stick
  • Water brush for sticking
  • Drying sponge or greaseproof paper
  • Pink food colouring

Step 1

Before you start decorating, wipe the board, pin and your hands with a small piece of fondant. This will pick up all the little stray flecks of dust that may be stuck the board and stop it getting into your cake decorations.


Step 2

Mix the modelling paste and fondant together and colour it pink. Start by using a tiny dot of colour paste on the end of a cocktail stick and work your way up to the desired colour. Once the colour is in you can’t take it out so be careful.


Step 3

Divide the paste into 4g pieces and roll into 4cm sausages.


Step 4

Lay the sausages on a curved object to set. Victoria uses a small plastic gadget to help curve the teeth.


Step 5

Using a sharp knife cut one marshmallow in half, then in half again length ways and trim the tops and the bottoms so they are all the same size.


Step 6

For the fangs use a sharp knife cut the marshmallows diagonally so you have two pointed fangs. Trim the tops ever so slightly so you can stick it onto the fondant more easily.


Step 7

Using a water brush, wet he bottom of the gums, make sure you really rub to get the fondant sticky or the marshmallows will not stick. Stick four little teeth in the middle and the two fangs either side. Leave them to dry on a drying sponge but you can use greaseproof paper too.


Step 8

Add the 2tbsps of jam to the strainer and strain the pips/bits out so you have a nice smooth blood like syrup. After straining the jam add it to a parchment paper piping bag, if you don’t have one use a food bag with the corner snipped off.


Step 9

Pipe you cupcakes, use a Wilton 1B nozzle. To pipe this swirl, start in the centre, working your out to the paper using this as a guide to work your way up in a spiral to the centre. To stop, push down slightly and pull up quickly.


Step 10

Pipe the jam on the ends of the fangs, dribbling it down the cupcakes and then add the teeth.


Step 11

Your cupcakes are now ready to serve!

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