Things that only ever happen when you shop in Lidl

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Have you ever shopped in Lidl before? It's an experience that we certainly won't forget in a hurry.


From chaotic aisles to cheap deals, from inpulse buys to random products in the same aisle, these things only ever happen when you shop in Lidl.


1. You start off determined to find everything on your shopping list


2. But are greeted by utter chaos...


3. You wander aimlessly around the aisles to find yogurt and head torches in the same section (confused, you shall be?)


4. Your list goes out the window as you begin to pile unnecessary items into your trolley (including a 2-man tent, some cheese and shaving foam for the hubby!)


5. You can't leave without visiting the drinks aisle though, you're sure to sniff out a bargain...


6. The cashier puts your items through the till like the Flash


7. And you just can't get over how ridiculously cheap your total shop is...


8. So you do celebratory dance... in your head of course!


9. You then end up juggling your stack of items through the car park (so you don't have to walk the trolley back to the shop, of course!)


10. Your car becomes a game of Tetris


11. You leave with a big sigh of relief for surviving the ordeal...


12. ...But mostly for making the right decision to not bring the kids!


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what rubbish your correspondents are saying about Lidl,, you can buy plenty of ingredients for good meals there, as well as ready meals, and good selection of wine, beer and spirits. They are out of date, the 'chattering classes' have now discovered Aldi/Lidl and are flooding in there!


even though you have a trolly full, you still don't have one complete meal for dinner tonight. and nothing you have ever heard of before in tins or packets

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