Things you'll only understand if you hate Christmas pudding

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Christmas pudding
Every Christmas, they tell us it'll be different. Every Christmas, they're wrong.

Christmas pudding haters of the world, this is your life....

Everyone is going crazy about Stir up Sunday, and you just don't get it

I mean, who even likes Christmas pudding anyway?

The spices...

...the fruit...

...the overwhelming booziness

It's just pretty gross all round

They take a bloody age to make

Seriously, what other cake takes a month to ‘mature'?!

And frankly, they're totally not worth the wait (you tell them, Lizzie)

The problem is, some other (crazy) people go mad for Christmas pudding

And don't understand why you don't

Every year, you have to ‘try it', like it might somehow have magically become delicious

And they tell you you'll like it more with brandy butter on it


Or with a drizzle of cream

But however it's dished up, you just can't get on board

If you're hosting Christmas, you feel obliged to serve one

If you're a guest, everyone treats you like a fussy child

And no one ever thinks that you might want an alternative

So this year, Christmas pudding haters, let's join forces...

...say no to this poor excuse for a dessert...

...and supply our own (massive) chocolate cake instead.

Where to next?

4 much more delicious Christmas desserts...

Chestnut cream meringue

Chocolate log

Blueberry and orange trifle

Panettone and dark chocolate bombe


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