21 Frozen birthday cakes you'll probably never be able to make - but your kids will definitely want

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Frozen birthday cake ideas
Our kids' obsession with Frozen is not going anywhere and if your kids are anything like ours, they'll be demanding a Frozen-themed birthday cake.

So, it's very important that you do not show them this article.

Frozen cakes have become the latest Pinterest obsession with talented cake makers showing off their incredible creations - but what about us ordinary folk? Do you think we could create a castle made of ice - THAT CAN BE EATEN?

You're ruining it for everyone.

These amazing creations will no doubt put our Frozen-themed baking efforts to shame but they sure are pretty to look at.

Now where's the blue food colouring....

The showstopping one 

Photo from:

The pretty princess one  

Photo from:

The stairway to heaven one

Photo from:

The snowflake one

Photo from: skrinklez

The three-tier one 

Photo from: Znique Creations

The ice castle one

Photo from:

The edible castle one

Photo from:

The blue dream one

Photo from: southern blue celebrations

The staircase of dreams one

Photo from: Dorje Desserts

The dress to die for one

Photo from: Sugar and Spice Cakes (found on

The (strangely) realistic icicle one 

Photo from: delectable cakes

The fancy one 

Photo from:

The too-good-to-eat one 

Photo from: Benni Rienzo Radic

The kiddies' favourite one

Photo from: Pinterest/Tammy Stewart

The icy dream one

Photo from: Cake Art designs by Marie

The ski slope one

Photo from:

The amazing sugarcraft one

Photo from: MiSsTartas, Madrid (found on

(seriously... how is that even possible?)

The glittery one 

Photo from: Carolina Cake Artistry

The uh-mazing castle one 

Photo from:

The beautiful one 

Photo from:

The work of art one 

Photo from: Arte da Ka

But hope is not lost! Our very simple Frozen cupcakes recipe comes with step-by-step pictures so even the most hopeless of cake decorators (*cough* us *cough*) can get it right.

Frozen-inspired cupcake decorations

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Dee Benjamin

This was one of my early ones that I'd made 😊


Wow, these cakes are fantastic, I love them all. I'm planning my daughters 5th Birthday for this summer and she's set the challenge for me to make a showstopper cake. I'm collecting ideas and have made a page of them too.



susan marshall

Wow all of them are amazing you wouldnt want too cut them up to eat them my daughter would definitely love those especially the character ones ,

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