Christmas jumper cupcakes

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Christmas jumper cupcakes


  • 1x batch of basic cupcakes (with baking cups)
  • 1x batch of buttercream
  • 120g white modelling paste (toppers and polar bears)
  • Various sprinkles, black sugar pearls
  • 20g grey modelling paste
  • 20g green modelling paste
  • 20g red modelling paste
  • 20g sky blue modelling paste
  • 20g red modelling paste
  • 10g chocolate fondant
  • 2g orange modelling paste

Christmas jumper cupcakes make a quirky party food or edible Christmas gift. See how to make them with out step by step photo recipe


  • Sharpe knife/craft knife
  • 58mm circle double side cookie cutter
  • 3.5 mm circle plunger cutter
  • Cocktail stick
  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush for sticking
  • Drying sponge
  • Soft brush

Step 1

Bake and ice your cupcakes.

Roll the white modelling paste out to 2mm thick and cut 12 scalloped circles with the scalloped side of the cutter. If you have a drying sponge, leave them here to dry. Greaseproof paper is good for drying too.

Step 2

To make the jumpers, roll the coloured paste out and cut a 5cm x 5cm square.

Step 3

With the circle cutter, trim the shoulders like this, making sure you use a big enough cutter to miss the other shoulder as you cut.

Step 4

To make the arms, trim 1cm in on both sides of the jumper and then trim the tips of the sleeves off. Keep the offcuts and they will be the trim.

Step 5

To make the trim, cut really long strips out of the leftover paste and stick it on the jumper, trimming if needs be. You can emboss the little knitted lines with the edge of the knife.

Step 6

You can make round neck lines too, just use the 3.5mm cutter.

Step 7

Add the jumper to the white toppers and leave to dry while you’re getting on with decorations.

Step 8

To make Rudolph, cut a 3.5mm circle and shape it into an egg shape with the tip of your finger. Roll a tiny ball of red paste for the nose and roll tiny beige sausages for the antlers and use black sprinkles for the eyes.

Step 9

It’s more or less the same for the robin, only this time you’ll need orange paste for the legs and beak. For the legs, roll tiny sausages and cut two lines in the end to make the feet. Cut a tiny triangle for the beak too.

Step 10

Add the decorations to the jumpers and then use the sprinkles to add snow.

Step 11

To make the tree jumpers, use the sprinkles to add patterns on the paste - this looks really complicated, but it’s not. Use a damp water brush to add a line of water where you want the pattern to go and then using the brush again, pick up the sprinkles. They will stick to the end of the brush and once you’ve added the sprinkles where you’d like, you can then push them into the paste with a cocktail stick. It takes a bit of practise at first but you’ll get faster the more you do it.


Step 12

To make the polar bear, it’s all made with flattened balls of paste. Use a cocktail stick to hollow out the ears and dust the cheeks with dusky pink petal dust.


Step 13

Once all the toppers are glued and finished, the toppers can then be placed onto the iced cupcakes.

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