Holly cupcakes

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Holly cupcakes


Holly cupcakes are very Christmassy and easy to make with our step by step recipe. You can use the decoration to decorate larger cakes, or your Christmas cake


  • 12 Christmas baking cups
  • 20mm & 68mm circle cookie cutter, or the any round cutters
  • Sharp knife or craft knife
  • Cocktail stick
  • Brushes or pencils for shaping the holly.
  • Rolling pin
  • Piping bag
  • 1M nozzle
  • Spare glitter pot

Step 1

For this recipe, you donít necessarily need the proper cookie cutters. Search around the kitchen and you are bound to find something which is equally good for cutting circles. The holly can be any size, itís entirely up to you.

Step 2

For the leaves, roll the green modelling paste out to 2mm thick and cut a circle, then using the same cutter again cut the leaf shapes from each side.

Step 3

With a sharp or craft knife, emboss a vein into the centre of the leaf length ways and then on the outside edges mark the centre and then in between the centres.

Step 4

Using the smaller cutter, cut a small section of the leaves away to make the points. Use your marks as a guide.

Step 5

To make the berries, roll tiny balls of red fondant or modelling paste.

Step 6

To coat the berries, crush some magic sparkles up into a spare glitter pot, then drop the berries in, pop the lid on and give it a little shake.

Step 7

You can pattern the leaves and co-ordinate the berries if you have a themed Christmas too.

Step 8

Dry the leaves into a slightly bent shape by laying them over food paint brushes. Anything thin will work though, pencils or a fork handle all do the same job. Youíll need to leave these to dry overnight so they donít go soggy on your cupcakes.

Step 9

The next day flat top your cupcakes with a little buttercream. This just fills in the outer edge and makes them look a bit neater.

Step 10

Then, using a piping bag and a 1M tip, add your swirl and the dried decorations.

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