Birthday candle cake decorations

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Birthday candle cake decorations


  • 50g ready-to-roll white fondant
  • 50g modelling paste
  • 2g green modelling paste
  • 20g pink modelling paste
  • 24g yellow modelling paste
  • 10g blue modelling paste

Who needs candles when you can make your own edible fondant versions? These birthday candle cake decorations are really simple to make and would make any birthday cake or cupcake look extra special.

You could even personalise your candles with colour themes to match the party spread or you could write the birthday boy or girl's name in edible pen on each candle.


  • 13mm (or similar sized) circle cutter
  • Fondant smoother
  • Water brush for sticking
  • Sharpe or craft knife
  • Writing piping nozzle
  • Soft brush
  • Piping bag
  • Wilton 1M nozzle
  • Drying sponge

Step 1

You will need to mix the modelling paste and fondant together to make these candles. This will give you a smooth paste that won’t crack when you roll it.


Step 2

Roll the pink and white paste out to 2mm thick and cut 10x pink and 10x white circles. You don’t have to use pink, if you have a particular colour theme for you party then use that.

Stick the circles together stacking them one on top of the other to build your candle. Alternate between white and pink to make a striped pattern. Secure each circle with a brush of water. Use about 20 circles per candle.


Step 3

To roll the white candles, take 10g of white paste and roll into a 6cm sausage shape. You can use a fondant smoother to give them a smooth surface and straight ends.


Step 4

Roll the blue paste out to 2mm thick and cut a long strip. Wrap the strip diagonally around the sausage shape.


Step 5

For the green polka dot candle, roll the green paste out to 3mm thick and using the piping nozzle cut tiny circles of green paste. They do get stuck in the tip of the nozzle but can be pushed out with a soft brush.

If you’d like the dots to be bigger, just cut again leaving the paste in the nozzle each time as you cut, push the paste out with a soft brush and roll into a tiny ball, sticking it onto the candle as you go. Victoria didn't use the water brush to glue the dots, as the paste was sticky enough already.


Step 6

For the flame, roll a ball and then make one side into a cone. Shape the tip of the cone with your fingers.


Step 7

To add the flame to the candles, make a small dip in the top of the candle with the end of the water brush and add a dot of water, sticking the flame to the top. Leave the candle to dry for a few hours. Victoria left hers on a drying sponge.


Step 8

Add your finished fondant candles to your cupcakes or classic birthday cake and serve!

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