Amazing Disney Princess cakes your kids will DEFINITELY go crazy for

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disney princess cakes
Disney Princess cakes are any kid's dream and we have some brilliant ideas if you want to give it a try...

Kids today are very lucky - back in our day we'd have been happy with a bit of jelly and ice cream.

But the parents of these little tykes have gone all out to make their birthdays extra special with these brilliant Disney Princess-themed cakes.

Aren't these Disney Princess cakes just magical? Whether your little ones are Belle's biggest fan, or see themselves as a mini Pocahontas, there's something special for them all.

While we may not be quite skilled enough to make them ourselves just yet, there's no harm in dreaming big! Just don't show the kids unless you want a serious project on your hands...

1. The fairy tale castle cake

Image from Laura Kate

2. The Sleeping Beauty cake

Image from Cake Central

3. The Wedding cake

Image from Pinterest/ Lauren Schultz

4. The Cinderella cake

Image from Pinterest/ Lauren Schultz

5. The Aladdin cake

Image from Pinterest/ Buzzfeed community

6. The "don't forget the coach" cake


Image from Pinterest/ Emma Button

7. The Frozen cake


Image from Laura Kate

8. The crown cake


Image from Pinterest/ Lynne Rees

9. The "why choose just one princess?" cupcakes


Image from Pinterest/ Sophie Briggs

10. The Rapunzel cake


Image from Cake central

11. The sneaky ice cream cone cake


Image from Pinterest/ Helen

12. The Dwarf cupcakes


Image from Pinterest/ Susan McKerracher

13. The Beauty and the Beast cake

Image from Cake Central

14. The poison apple cake pop


Image from Pinterest/ Shirley in Wells

15. The Princess and the Frog cake


Image from Pinterest/
Lauren Schultz

16. The Mrs Pots and Chip cake

Image from Pinterest/ Mary Blear

17. The Little Mermaid cake


Image from Cake Central

18. The every single character in Snow White cake


Image from Pinterest/ Marisol Leon

19. The five layers of Disney cake

Image from Pinterest/ Kim Kay

20. The Pocahontas cake

Image from Pinterest/ Yvette Roque Trujillo

21. The princess cake pops


Image from Pinterest/ Susan Thompson

22. The Anna and Elsa cake

Image from Pinterest/ Southern Blue Celebrations

23. The Mulan cake

Image from Cake Central

24. The Brave cake

Image from Pinterest/ Pat Korn

24. The princess dress cupcakes


Image from Pinterest/ Hayley Keys

25. The little bit of everything cake

Image from Pinterest/ Disney cakes and sweets

26. And finally, the "what if your child likes ALL the Disney films?" cake


Image from Cake Central

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