Custard cream biscuit bars

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  • Makes: 9-12

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  • Costs: Cheap as chips

  • Skill level: Easy peasy

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Have you tried our amazing Custard cream biscuit bars recipe yet? These no bake custard cream biscuit bars are the perfect treat to make with the kids. They're quick and easy to prepare and there's no need to preheat the oven! Only a few ingredients are needed but there's no skimping on taste. The custard cream biscuits add their distinctive flavour and the sweet marshmallows provide a chewy, almost fudge-like texture. Once the sprinkles have been added to the bars, they will look pretty packaged up as a gift or displayed at home on your favourite cake stand. This recipe makes 9-12 bars and takes around 30 mins to make plus chilling time.

Swap custard cream biscuits for your favourite biscuit instead - how about Oreos or bourbons biscuits with milk chocolate


  • 400g custard cream biscuits, or any biscuit of your choice
  • 400g large marshmallows
  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 50g glac cherries, sliced into quarters (optional), or chocolate chips 
  • 25-30g white chocolate
  • sprinkles


  1. Line an 8 inch x 8 inch tin with cling film or foil. Make sure the edges of the cling film or foil hang over the sides of the tin. This will make it easy to remove the custard cream bars from the tin.
  2. Crush the custard cream biscuits into tiny crumbs. To avoid mess and a sore arm, you can simply blitz the biscuits in a food processor. However, if you have an eager young helper they will no doubt prefer the messy but more fun version! So grab a freezer or sandwich bag and place the biscuits inside, seal the bag (make sure there is no air trapped inside!) and use a rolling pin to bash the biscuits into very fine crumbs. There are a lot of biscuits to get through, so you may need to repeat this a few times to avoid over filling your bag. If you spot any large lumps of biscuit, simply crumble them up with your fingers or eat them on the sly!
  3. Ask your child to tip the marshmallows into a large microwaveable mixing bowl. Weigh the butter, then slice into small pieces and add to the marshmallows.
  4. Place the mixing bowl into the microwave and heat on high for 1 minute, or until the marshmallows have puffed up. Take the bowl from the microwave and stir. You may find that the marshmallows that have held their shape will melt into the rest of the sticky mixture as you stir.
  5. Quickly pour the custard cream biscuit crumbs into the melted marshmallow and butter mixture and stir. Your little helper can do this part but be warned, the mixture will be on the warm side.
  6. If you wish to add the chopped glac cherries, now is the time to do so. Add half of the chopped cherries now and reserve the remainder for later. Give the mixture another good stir. It will be a rather stiff mixture by now!
  7. Spoon the sticky marshmallow and biscuit mixture into the lined tin. You should be able to use your knuckles to press the mixture into the tin. If you get into a sticky mess, rub a little oil onto your knuckles.
  8. Your child may like to press the remaining chopped glac cherries into the surface of the biscuit bars. Leave the bars to set in the tin for an hour or so. You can speed up the process by placing the bars in the fridge to firm up.
  9. Once the bars have set, take hold of the edges of the cling film or foil to extract your pretty custard cream bars from the tin.
  10. To decorate, you can melt a little white chocolate in a small microwaveable bowl and ask your child to use a teaspoon to drizzle it across the surface of the biscuit bars. They will love to add sprinkles to the chocolate before it sets.
  11. Make sure the bars are at room temperature before slicing. Enjoy!

Nutritional information

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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Hi I just made the bars, looked and smelled great in the tin. The problem began when I tried to get the tin foil off. It is stuck like super glue. Usually I would use greaseproof baking paper, but i just went along with the recipe. Not happy

Marion Rogers

Does anyone know how long these will last please?


better - baking paper ))


Made this with daughter but really disappointed with end result as I used foil to line tin...foil completely stuck to cake at bottom. Next time I'll use cling film.


So easy, decided to make this even though there are no kids around the house anymore! Hubby loves a nice sweet snack after dinner, this was ideal. Plus I discovered after 4 decades living in Oz that Custard Cream biscuits are sold here! Have bought some Orange Cream biscuits to make this slice next time around and will add some chopped pistachios to make it more grown up.

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