Food hack: How to stop an electric whisk splattering

Watch how to stop an electric whisk splattering with this simple food hack. All you need is a tea towel and a steady hand and you’ve got yourself a clean and efficient way of stopping cake mixture or buttercream splattering around your kitchen.
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Whether you’re whisking cake mix or making buttercream, it can be so frustrating when the mixture sprays out over the mixing bowl onto the kitchen surfaces or worse, onto you!

The main culprit when it comes to whisking and making a mess is icing sugar…

If you don’t add it in gradually to the butter to make buttercream or you accidently press the high speed setting on your electric whisk, you can end up in a big white cloud. That, and you’ll have to clean up the mess afterwards.

This handy tea towel trick shows you just how easy it is to stop all the mess!

All you have to do is place a tea towel carefully over the electric mixture or stand mixer, making sure it doesn’t drape into the bowl, and whisk away.

Once your mixture has come together, remove the tea towel and shake the leftovers into the sink or bin and pop the tea towel straight into the wash or save for next time.

This nifty little trick will save you having to wipe down all your surfaces. This technique works for electric stand mixers too.

How about trying this food hack when you're making buttercream? Or maybe even when making cream cheese frosting?

Safety tip: Make sure the tea towel doesn't fall into the bowl. If this happens, stop whisking immediately. You do not want the tea towel to get caught in the whisks.

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Kleeneze sell a splatter guard which fits over the bowl and the mixer blades fit through the middle they are not expensive and stop you losing any mixture. you can order on line or through an agent. I hope it helps.


so instead of losing your mixture on to the walls, you lose it in a towel. And you're still about 20% down on your original mixture. #fail

Jean Kerr

What a daft idea. Towel can easily get caught in the whisk!

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