How to steam a pudding

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What you will need

  • Your steamed pudding mixture ready in a pudding basin
  • A sheet of baking paper that’s larger than the pudding basin rim
  • A knob of butter, for greasing
  • A sheet of foil
  • Kitchen string
  • A large pan with a lid
  • A trivet set, an upturned saucer or a roll of scrunched foil – anything to keep the pudding basin off the base of the pan

Learn how to steam a pudding with our step-by-step video, which shows how to line a pudding basin, how to create a pleat and tie it securely before steaming it in a large pan.

It's simple when you know how. Use this method for any of our steamed pudding recipes or your Christmas pudding when the time comes!


Step 1

On a sheet of baking paper, cut a circle 5cm larger than your pudding basin. To do this, use a ruler to help you mark a circle of dots from where the centre of the bowl would be then join them up with a pencil.


Step 2

Cut around this shape – it doesn’t matter if it’s not a perfect circle, but the important thing is that it is larger than the pudding basin.


Step 3

Grease the paper circle with a little butter, then make a pleat at the centre by folding the paper in on itself, as shown in the video.


Step 4

Place the paper circle, greased side down, over your pudding to cover the basin.

Step 5

Cover with foil, folding down the sides to keep it in place over the pudding basin.

Step 6

Tie securely with kitchen string.


Step 7

Place a trivet set in a large pan and place your pudding on top – or you could use an upturned saucer at the bottom of the pan, or even scrunched foil.

Step 8

Fill to half way up the side of the basin with boiling water, the cover and steam for 2 hours, or until cooked. Check it occasionally and top it up with more water if necessary.

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