Halloween gingerbread mummies

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Gingerbread mummies
Gingerbread mummies
  • Makes: 30

  • Prep time:

  • Cooking time:

  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Costs: Cheap as chips

Halloween gingerbread mummies are so simple but effective, made with with a simple gingerbread person shape and icing piped to create that 'mummy' effect. We think this would make the ideal activity before a Halloween party, because they're super easy to make and will be ready in just 45 minutes. This Halloween gingerbread recipe is great if you've got lots of people to feed as it makes 30 gingerbread mummies in just one batch. Let the kids get creative with decorating using icing and Smarties. Give them red writing icing and chocolate sprinkles to make these treats even spookier.


  • 350g plain flour, plus extra to dust
  • 1tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 2tsp ground ginger
  • 100g butter
  • 175g soft light brown sugar
  • 3tbsp golden syrup
  • 1 medium egg
  • 400g icing sugar
  • Mini blue and green Smarties

Let the kids help with handy disposable piping bags. It'll cut down on the washing up too!


  1. To start your halloween gingerbread sift flour into a mixing bowl with the bicarbonate of soda and ginger. Using your fingertips, rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs, then stir in the sugar.
  2. Gently warm the syrup in a glass bowl in the microwave for 15 secs. Add the egg, whisk together and pour onto the flour mixture. Mix with a wooden spoon until clumps form, then mix with your hands to make a smooth dough.
  3. Lightly dust the work surface with flour and roll out the dough to about the thickness of two 1 coins. Cut out shapes using biscuit cutters and place on baking trays lined with baking paper. Re-roll the trimmings and cut out more shapes until all the dough has been used.
  4. Heat the oven to 190C, gas 5. Bake the biscuits for 10-15 mins. Cool slightly, then transfer to a wire rack to cool and harden.
  5. To decorate, mix the icing sugar with 3-4tbsp water and pipe all over the biscuits to create a mummy effect. Finish off by adding Smarties for scary eyes.

Nutritional information per portion

  • Low
  • Med
  • High
  • Calories 158(kcal)
  • Fat 3.5g
  • Saturates 2.0g

This nutritional information is only a guide and is based on 2,000 calories per day. For more information on eating a healthy diet, please visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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