The 17 best Pinterest food fails we've EVER seen

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Best Pinterest food fails ever
If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again… or, the more obvious choice, post your pics all over social media and wait for the uproar!

It's such a shame when cakes and bakes don't go quite as you planned them to. When you think you're onto a winner but the cake that you've slaved over for hours in the kitchen ends up looking a right mess. But don't worry, because as these pictures prove, you are most certainly not alone!

Not everyone is perfect you know, and this round up of, how do we put it nicely, EPIC FOOD FAILS, is proof of just that.

From baking flops to dinner 'what the heck were you thinking?' moments, we've got lots of laughable Pinterest food fails for you to have a good old chuckle about.

1. What a melon!
It's ok. Presentation doesn't matter all that much, just as long as it tastes good. Right?

2. Gummy bear disaster

You can hear the gummy bears calling for help as they slowly melt off the cake. Oops...

3. Erm... yeah?

First ever #pinterestfail

A post shared by Emily (@emi_grvgli) on

Well, they've managed to make a cake so that's one good thing about this fail. The decoration however...

4. Overnight my a*se!
Have you ever tried overnight oats? They don't look like the photos you've seen on Pinterest or the healthy cookbook you've got in your kitchen. They look like slop. Even Goldilocks would disapprove!

5. Pumpkin pie shame

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Or in this case, eat the evidence.

6. It's whats inside that counts... right?

It looks like a flop but maybe once you cut inside to reveal the layers. Maybe, just maybe!

7. Well, that looks different...

Don't you just hate it when you follow the packet instructions and it STILL doesn't turn out how you planned? What a waste!

8. A pretty good attempt we think!
Ok, so there are no strawberries printed on the outside of this Swiss roll but they've managed to roll it and decorate with cream. 'A' for effort.

9. Oops!

Ok, so it's a little colourful but where's the roll? We're sure a scoop of ice cream or drizzle of chocolate sauce will wash down this Pinterest fail evidence nicely...

10. Muffins anyone?

When Pinterest fails you. #Pinterest #Pinterestfail #healthyeating

A post shared by Lularoe Courtney Kuvila (@courtneykuvila) on

You should never judge a book by its cover or in this case, a muffin!

11. They're still cute...
Aw, look at the lil' sloth cupcakes! Ok so the Pinterest fail isn't the worst but it certainly cracked us up. It looks like they're wearing massive goggles!

12. Truffles? What truffles?

It's chocolate, it's Oreos, it's a mess - we'll eat it!

13. The dino dog

I'm posting my Pinterest fail because I learned by failing, and I learned a lot more then not to start making a dinosaur cake early in the morning. I started making this cake before 5 this morning and let the pieces cool and sit all day while I worked. As soon as I was done my friend (who was watching midgets all day) left, I snuggled the kids, changed a butt and went to the kitchen. It was ALL downhill from there. The cake was not dense enough, the frosting was too thick and the combination was making a huge mess. I was getting frustrated, really frustrated. Then it occurred to me that the mess looked kind of like a dog instead of a dinosaur. The moment I had this thought I was reminded how much the kids love dogs. Stryder was watching firefighters and pretending to be a dog, saving people, at the same time I was thinking of burning down the kitchen. So, it's a dog. A really rough scraggly dog. But, my kids loved it. They recognized it was a dog immediately and became very excited about dinner quickly coming so they could have the dog cake. #pinterestfail or #pinterestwin, doesn't matter. My purpose was for a fun dessert for the midgets and it worked! My frustration over how not perfect this cake was didn't make any sense - their toddlers, it's just as fun as a messy dog as it would have been as a cute dinosaur. Had I only realized this sooner I wouldn't have sabotaged my calories for the day with frosting ð. #pinterestmom #keepcalmandeatcake #dinodog

A post shared by Kylee Ostler (@kissesbykylee) on

The epic message to accompany this Instagram picture says it all...

14. Never again!

We're sure the smoke alarm would have given this baker all the warning signs they needed to stop what they were doing and step away from the waffle maker. What a mess! We do not want to do that washing up...

15. What happened?!

Tried making Divinity candy over the weekend. #nailedit #pinterestfail #notdivine

A post shared by Jen Coles (@jcolesphoto) on

Now did they bake them or just leave them to sit nicely on a plate? We're just not sure and cannot work out why they didn't rise. LOL.

16. There are no words...

Just this.

Now, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone has a Pinterest food fail every now and then, so if you're brave enough to share and would like to be included in our round up, post your fails on our Facebook page and we'll get sharing!

Remember: Never give up!

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