Emoji monkey cupcakes

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Emoji monkey cupcakes


How amazing are these emoji monkey cupcakes? They're so simple to make too and are just perfect for kids' parties, as edible gifts or a fun weekend treat for making with your little ones.

Once you've made this cheeky monkey topper, you can try making other facial expressions too like hiding/embarrassing monkey or peak-a-boo monkey.

Emojis are slowly but surely taking over the world by storm. We're all obsessed - so much in fact that you can now make edible emoji icons. We've tried our hand at emoji pancakes but emoji cupcakes are certainly next on the list.

Scroll down to see how to make your own...

Tip: Florist paste starts to set very quickly so you need to work fast when handling it. However, the florist paste needs to be left to dry overnight in order to be completely set and hold its shape when it's stood up.

This recipe is part of new cookbook; Cakemoji by Jenni Powell (Quadrille 10) Photography: Rita Platts


  • Toothpicks
  • Edible glue and paintbrush
  • Paper templates (these can be handmade or taken from Cakemoji cookbook)

Step 1

Lightly dust the worksurface with cornflour to prevent any sticking, then roll out the brown florist paste to 5mm ( in.) thickness, preferably using spacers to ensure an even thickness.

Using the templates and a sharp knife, cut out the monkey heads from brown florist paste. For the toppers to stand upright, you need to use florist paste. Otherwise, you can use fondant.


Step 2

Working quickly, while the florist paste is still soft, insert two toothpicks into the base of each monkey head. Push the toothpicks half way into the monkey heads, making sure the toothpicks do not poke out the paste.


Step 3

Roll out the coloured fondants to 3mm thickness. Using your paper templates and a sharp knife, carefully cut out the facial details from the different coloured fondants as necessary.


Step 4

Using edible glue and a paintbrush, stick the fondant facial features in place on top of the florist paste monkey shape. Leave to dry overnight.


Step 5

Bake the chocolate cake using the recipe above. For mini cakes, level the sponges and cut out circles using round cutters the same width as the monkey heads.


Step 6

Layer the mini chocolate sponge cakes by piping chocolate buttercream onto each layer and sandwich together. You want a stack of three mini sponges.


Step 7

Place the coloured buttercream into a piping bag and pipe swirls on top of each mini cake or cupcake.


Step 8

To position the monkey cake topper on the cake, insert the toothpicks into the centre top of each cake until stable.

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