Mary Berry QUITS The Great British Bake Off after move to Channel 4 (but Paul's staying)

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Mary Berry's Absolute Favourites
BBC News have announced that Mary Berry will be leaving The Great British Bake Off following the move to Channel 4 in the new year, whilst Paul Hollywood has released a statement saying that he will remain.

The move to Channel 4 came as a shock for fans when it was announced by the BBC earlier this month, and the news swiftly lead to confirmation that the two Bake Off hosts, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, were to step down from the show.

Now Bake Off judge Mary Berry has had the same change of heart, whilst other half Paul Hollywood will be sticking with the show.

Mary released a statement on the BBC website saying: 'What a privilege and honour it has been to be part of 7 years of magic in a tent - The Great British Bake Off. The Bake Off family - Paul, Mel and Sue have given me so much joy and laughter.'

'My decision to stay with the BBC is out of loyalty to them, as they have nurtured me, and the show, that was a unique and brilliant format from day one. I am just sad for the audience who may not be ready for change, I hope they understand my decision.'

'I wish the programme, crew and future bakers every possible success and I am so very sad not to be a part of it. Farewell to soggy bottoms.'

This was followed shortly by a Facebook post from the Bake Off judge...

Within the same hour, Paul released his own statement, which read: 'I am delighted that I will be continuing as a judge when Bake Off moves to Channel 4. I want to thank the BBC and Mel and Sue for making my time in the tent great fun and really rewarding.'

'Since I was a kid, baking has been part of my life. The seven series inside the tent have created some great memories. Best of all, I have felt so pleased to experience other people getting the baking bug, just as I did when my dad helped me make my first loaf.'

Mary and Paul have been the iconic faces of The Great British Bake Off dating back to the first series in 2010 which was originally aired on BBC Two. The celeb chefs have both gone on to launch a number of successful cookbooks as well staring in their own TV shows, including Mary Berry Cooks which got to see the Bake Off judge in the comfort of her own kitchen.

We will well and truly miss Mary Berry and the class and sophistication she brought to The Great British Bake Off - and Paul, we're interested to see how it goes...

And hands up who'll be consoling themselves with Mary Berry's chocolate cake today?

What do you think about Mary Berry’s departure? Are you sad to see her leave? Comment below

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Paul is the only one staying when it moves to Channel 4 next year, Mel and Sue announced they wouldn't be moving and now Mary is also not moving because of a loyalty to the BBC and good for her. She was already a household name before the Bake Off but I don't know anyone who had heard of Paul Hollywood.


I shan't be watching at all, the only reason I watched was because Mary, Mel and Sue cancelled out Paul's rudeness to the contestants. Shame on the production company for killing off a wonderful format and all because they weren't satisfied with the BBC's bid of £17 million. For goodness' sake, has love Productions no loyalty to the BBC which "promoted" the show to BBC One and made it a household name for 7 years? I I agree with Dawn Smith that the show will fail after this move and it will serve Love Productions and Channel 4 right. Yes, gleeful anticipation is right - the Germans have a good word for it: "Schadenfreude" - pleasure derived from the failure of others :)


But Mary, Mel and Sue AREN'T going to Channel 4, that's the whole point of this announcement!! I'm proud of Mary for feeling loyalty to the BBC although I'm not sure if Mel and Sue leaving the show is to do with Paul staying or loyalty to Mary - that's for them to know and us to find out :)

Dawn Smith

Another saddened that a great format with the perfect combination of people has been destroyed as a result of greed. I feel sad for Channel 4 as they're now left with a sinking ship but feel an almost perverse sense of gleeful anticipation that Love Productions won't be receiving their newly inflated fee for too long.

Tracey Baynam

For Mel and Sue to be leaving is bad enough but Great British Bake Off IS Mary and Paul. I will not be watching when it moves to Chanel 4!


Such a sad thing for Mary, Mel & Sue to be leaving Great British Bake Off the show will not be the same without them & even though Paul has said he is staying it will make no difference the main part of the team will be gone - if you chop off your arm your body is not the same after - shame on the fact that greed has spoilt a great show. I doubt we will watch again as the fact that all the adverts in between will spoil things. Another great show ruined.


I am very sorry to see Mary, Mel and Sue LEAVE AND TO GO TO Chanel 4 I do not think I will be watching again. I have watched from the start in 25010. Graham


Not much point now having this show as it IS the cooks and presenters who make it so popular. Think Channel 4 must be regretting their decision as will be like the new "Top Gear"!


No Mary Mel or Sue ....If Paul leaves too that is not the same show So sad to hear they are leaving But BBC is getting rid of the good programmes I cannot see the point in watching BBC 1 In the future

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