'My heart leapt into my mouth' Mary Berry gets attacked by a goat while trying to milk it on her show

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Mary Berry's Absolute Favourites
National baking treasure Mary Berry is finally back on our screens with a new show, Mary Berry Everyday, showing us how to whip us some of her favourite classics.

The new cookery programme sees our beloved Mary celebrating some of her favourite recipes, which she's enjoyed cooking and baking over the last 60 years of her career.

Take a look back at the episodes that have already aired to find out what the former GBBO queen has been up to, as well as the public's reaction!

Mary Berry Everyday: Episode Four

The fourth episode of the series was all about feeding the family, and saw Mary Berry preparing some lovely no-fuss dishes while spending time with her children and grandchildren.

But while she attempted to milk a goat to make fresh goat's cheese with her daughter and granddaughter, the venture didn't quite go as planned.

Image: BBC2

Even though her granddaughter had no problem milking the goat, the animal kept trying to get away from Mary, which sent Twitter into a frenzy.

'My heart leapt into my mouth I thought Mary Berry was going to get mauled by a goat I've never been that shocked', one viewer said on social media.

Another viewer wrote: 'That goat did NOT want to milked by Mary Berry.'

As well as the goat incident, some viewers also found it odd that Mary deseeded a cucumber while preparing a fennel and watermelon salad.

'I love the texture of cucumber in a salad, but you don't want it too wet, so make sure you remove all the seeds', Mary said in the show.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: 'Are we all just going to sit here watching Mary Berry take all the seeds out of a cucumber and act like she's the same as the rest of us?'

Another commented: 'Mary berry has just taken all the seeds out of a cucumber. Life's too short love.'

Mary Berry Everyday: Episode Three

This week Mary was rustling up some of her more indulgent dishes. From fish cakes and pasta to sticky toffee pudding, she had viewers oohing and ahhing over her delicious comfort food.

Image: BBC2/Sidney Street Productions

But one dish that left Twitter users more than a little disgruntled was her potato, leek and chicken pie, which, much to their horror, was bottomless!

Image: BBC2/Sidney Street Productions

Mary's technique saw her adding the filling to a pish dish before topping with pastry, but it all got a bit much for some social media users. '#maryberry making a stew with a lid on. I feel utterly betrayed. #thatsnotapie' one said, while another added: 'Sorry Mary, but it's not really a pie if there's no pastry base #maryberryeveryday'

One Twitter user likened Mary's dish to a 'casserole with a lid', although the pie didn't seem to be controversial enough to put everyone off eating it, with another user tweeting: 'That isn't a pie. It has no base. That's just a lid. Disapointed. Would still eat it though. #maryberryeveryday'

Mary Berry Everyday: Episode Two

Last week, the chef shocked viewers when she revealed that she'd never had a takeaway pizza before, while making pizza with the Pizza Pilgrims - two chefs who own a popular restaurant chain in London.

'Mary Berry has just been knocked off the pedestal I had her on. She hasn't ever had a takeaway pizza!!!!', one viewer wrote on Twitter.

'Can't see Mary Berry the same again, she's such a let down', another said on social media.

Mary then had a go at sampling a takeaway pizza, but her experience wasn't like most people's.

The Pizza Pilgrims chefs made her a classic margherita pizza with their special pizza oven in her back garden, and it's fair to say she was converted.

'That is the best pizza I've ever had' Mary said, after trying the treat with a fork.

She then whipped up her own version with goats cheese and Parma ham, mostly sticking to the original recipe, apart from adding garlic to the dough.

'It's a little unusual to put garlic actually in the dough, but I like it', she said in the show.

Mary Berry Everyday: Episode One

Mary also caused quite a stir during the first episode, with her bolognese recipe.

Much to the dismay of Twitter, the former GBBO star revealed the two very unusual ingredients she likes to add to her bolognese: white wine and cream.

The former Bake Off judge said during her show on BBC 2 that she likes to add wine to her bolognese: 'white or red, whatever you've got to hand - although I really prefer to add white.

'There's never any left in our household. I might even have to open a bottle especially.'

She also added cream to the recipe, explaining that it's her secret to 'make it even richer'.

Viewers were left 'shocked' by Mary's unusual bolognese recipe, and quickly took to social media to show how 'appalled' they were.

'I love Mary Berry, but white wine in a bolognese sauce? No. It has to be red', one wrote on Twitter, while another said 'Dear Mary Berry, this is NOT ragu Bolognese. It's a nice tomato sauce though'.

The addition of the cream seemed to be the worst offence though: 'Shocked and appalled about Mary Berry adding double cream to her bolognese', one viewer said.

Mary returned to our screens earlier this month, after it was announced that the Great British Bake Off would no longer be a BBC programme.

We can expect to see some traditional baking from Mary, maybe even her classic Victoria sandwich?

As well as hosting the new cooking show, Mary has also released a new cookbook, which ties in with the TV series.

'I am thrilled to reveal the cover of my brand-new cookbook, Mary Berry Everyday', she announced on her Facebook page.

'With over 120 delicious recipes from the anticipated 2017 BBC series, Mary Berry Everyday will show you how to inject a little Mary magic into your everyday cooking. Out on 26 January 2017.'

The baking queen is also set to host a show later on in the year called Mary Berry's Secrets from Britain's Great Houses.

Mary Berry Everyday airs on BBC Two at 8.30pm every Monday for six weeks.

Have you been watching Mary Berry's new TV show? Tell us what you love about the baking Queen in the comments below!

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Shock Horror "MARY BERRY ADDS DOUBLE CREAM & WHITE WINE TO BOLOGNESE" it's not a criminal offence, you can add what you want, shuuuuush but I sometimes add a bit of chorizo to mine. People need to get a life

Debbie Campbell

my thoughts exactly Gwen,its hardly a hanging offence!!!!!

Gwen McGill

Get a life people if you have white wine open use it and Italians often add milk to their bolognese sauce so cream just a little more special but not unusual or horrifying.

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