Brazilian recipes

  • Brazilian beef stew

    Brazilian beef stew

    Brazilian beef stew is packed full of flavour and definitely worth the wait. Serve with…

  • Caipirinha cocktail

    Caipirinha cocktail

    Caipirinha is a delicious alcoholic cocktail and is the national drink of Brazil, so what…

  • Empanadas


    Empanadas are small savoury pastries, baked or fried and are often served in little…

  • Coxinhas


    Coxinhas are chicken drumstick-shaped treats and favourite snack in Brazil. In this recipe,…

  • Canja de Galinha Brazilian Chicken Soup

    Canja de Galinha

    Who can resist a steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup? Canja de Galinha is a typical…

  • Bolo Baeta

    Bolo Baeta

    You can find all sorts of cake in Brazil and they are eaten at all times of day – even for…

  • Bolinho de Piracui Brazilian Fish Balls

    Bolinho de Piracui

    Bolinho de Piracui (fish balls) are one of Brazil's favourite bar foods and a popular dish…

  • Black bean stew

    Brazilian black bean stew

    Referred to as the 'national dish of Brazil', this black bean stew called feijoada…

  • Brigadeiros


    A favourite Brazilian chocolaty sweet that is chewy like a bonbon. Easy to make and…

  • Pao de Queija Brazilian Cheese bread

    Pao de Queija

    These savoury puffs are popular all over South America, including in Brazil. You'll Pao de…

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