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Paul Hollywood's cob loaf recipe from The Great British Bake Off

You don't need a bread machine to make delicious homemade bread. We've got lots of quick and easy bread recipes for you to try - from simple bread dough to classic bread recipes like pitta bread, soda bread and even banana bread. Try these popular bread recipes: 


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  • This bruschetta is the ultimate sweet and savoury combination. The salty goatís cheese works perfectly to cut…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 20 mins

  • This bread is perfect with a serving of baked beans and salad for a simple lunch, especially if itís made in…

    Serves: 8-10

    Total time: 1 hr 5 mins

  • This light white bread dough is topped with sesame seeds for added nutty flavour. These are so simple to make…

    Serves: 8

    Total time: 50 mins

  • These sesame breadsticks are quick and easy to make and are great as finger food or for dinner parties. These…

    Serves: 10-12

    Total time: 25 mins

  • Don't be afraid to prepare Indian breads at home, they are actually quite simple once you know how. These…

    Serves: 6

    Total time: 45 mins

  • This delicious stout bread recipe swaps real ale with dark stout to make a thick and flavoursome bread that is…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 35 mins

  • Learn how to make bread with our simple step-by-step recipe. Nothing's better than the smell of freshly baked…

  • This classic and delicious wholemeal bread recipe is so easy to make. With a soft doughy inside and a crisp,…

    Makes: 10-12 slices

    Total time: 1 hr 50 mins

  • Learn how to make easy gluten-free bread with our simple step-by-step guide.

  • Want to know how to make soda bread? Follow this simple guide and make soda bread in the comfort of your own kitchen

  • Do your children love white bread but won't go near the brown stuff? This recipe is a great way to ease your…

    Makes: 1

    Total time: 1 hr 5 mins

  • This recipe proves that anyone can bake bread. Made and baked in under 20 minutes, itís quick and very easy!…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 17 mins

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